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drew64's Avatar drew64 10:25 AM 12-23-2012
Got the wii u to replace my older wii. As of now my old wii is hooked up to my onkyo receiver via the component cables then out thru hdmi to TV. No this receiver only has to hdmi inputs. I would like to get the better video setup by using the hdmi port on the wii but then it won't run thru my stereo. Is there a splitter for hdmi that can be used. Will the picture look that miche better using hdmi vs component cables. I could hook directly to TV and then try to get sound thru stereo. Trying not to have to fully reprogram my harmony remote. Thanks.

darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 06:49 PM 12-23-2012
Proofreading before posting will get you more responses. As it stands, I have no idea what you are asking.
drew64's Avatar drew64 08:54 PM 12-23-2012
I'm asking if I have no more hdmi inputs left on my receiver if there is an hdmi splitter I can use or will I get same picture quality using component hookup with wii u
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 04:08 PM 12-25-2012

Then yes, you need an active HDMI switch. I used a variant of the above-linked one when I ran all my video directly to my TV before getting my HDMI receiver. It auto-switches, so it will sense the active input and change to it on it's own. It also has IR support, so you can force specific inputs with your Harmony.

Works great, and is a good option for holding off the need for a new receiver just a bit longer.
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