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Leo-Tyrant 03-08-2013 08:06 AM


Bit of a misleading title, let me explain:


Wii games look like crap on any HDTV. Period. If you want the best quality for a Wii game, get a 480p enabled SDTV and component cables.


I recently bought a Panasonic Viera Smart TV, 42 inches, 1080p, bla bla.

Wii U looks great, I even calibrated the TV using Disney WOW calibration blu ray.

Wii, looks like crap. Of course.


If you select the INTERNET option on the Smart TV, the whole display will shrink, and then the smart options will appear next to it (Youtube, netflix, etc.)

Turns out that since the image of the Wii - Wii U output has been shrunk...it looks PERFECT! No jaggies, and it keeps the visual clarity and sharpness you would expect!

Of course, you have to deal with all the other boxes of Smart TV items next to it, and my TV for example, has a "timeout" pause thingie that disables it after a while...but....

If some of you can mess around with the TV and if you prefer the visual fidelity of the smaller screen, then go for it! Wii graphics have never looked better!


1- Skyward Sword
2- Xenoblade

darklordjames 03-09-2013 01:45 PM

"Wii games look like crap on any HDTV. Period."

Wii games look fine over here on my 64" Samsung plasma. They also looked fine on my 50". And my 42". They're obviously lower resolution, but resolution does not destroy the great art direction of Mario Galaxy, Xenosaga and Metroid Prime. My modern display also resolves the details in that great art better than most SD CRTs ever did. Here I get to see all 640x480 lines. On an SD CRT is was much closer to 500x400 of resolved detail.

Leo_Ames 03-09-2013 07:09 PM

I don't own the console, but from my own experience and what I've seen from other's, the Wii U does a pretty nice job of upscaling Wii content to HD. I don't see anything wrong with it even on a HDTV that wouldn't of handled well the SD/ED image from the original Wii.

In fact at this point in the Wii U's life, I'd argue that how well the Wii U handles 16:9 Wii content is the best thing it has going for it at the moment.

moothemagiccow 03-11-2013 05:45 AM

I'd rather have the big ugly screen

Leo-Tyrant 03-11-2013 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by moothemagiccow View Post

I'd rather have the big ugly screen

Well, I'm just providing a workaround for people who just cant stand to play without visual fidelity.

I TRIED playing full screen, but its impossible. The jaggies and blur are similar to looking at the Mona Lisa through stained green glasses: "You know there's a masterpiece in there, but you cant SEE it right"

I have read for years people who get their HDTV to play Wii games "in a nice way". Its all lies, it may SEEM "good enough" for the people who claim this, but in reality, you cant escape the fact that the overblown image will never look good, you need an SDTV, or a different approach (like I suggested).

It was something I found when I switched on the Smart Tv options, if someone want to corroborate the change in visual quality on their own TV, please do so.

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