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PloniAlmoni's Avatar PloniAlmoni 02:20 AM 08-01-2013
I'm wondering what inexpensive good HDTV options there are for a Wii, which ones have the best scaler, at an affordable price. I've been looking at small HDTVs in this price range from Samsung, LG, and Toshiba. Also, I have a PS3, so I want it to be good for that as well, and possibly for my PC so 1080p is a plus, but data on lag and the like is more forthcoming for HD -> HDTV situations.

neomaine's Avatar neomaine 09:47 AM 08-07-2013
Some points to consider:

- TVs and Computer monitors are two different things, Get the one you'll be using it for most.
- You'll have to find something with component, to be used with the Wii (with a component cable of course). Huge difference setting Wii to 480p and EDTV.
- Don't know how far you sit but I'd guess something in the 23"-24" range.
- Anything with a 5ms or less respontime time is fine. Unlikely to notice anything below 8ms.
- In general, Sharp has the better lag numbers. Though, once you turn off most processing by the TV, no usually an issue with PC monitor (set to pixel mapping, 1to1, no-scaling ... whatever it may be, turn off any motion processing...) actual lag should be of little issue.
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