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rr6966's Avatar rr6966 08:50 AM 03-22-2012
Anybody try Wing Commander Saga yet? Trailer is on you tube. The game is suppose to be released today.

Dartman's Avatar Dartman 11:17 AM 03-22-2012
OOOH! that's cool, I just completed Dues Ex human revolution and will probably need something else soon to waste CPU power on, thanks.
It should be updated graphics and game play wise too so it should look way better then the original did, which wasn't bad considering the time and the machines we had.
Dartman's Avatar Dartman 11:21 AM 03-22-2012
HHMMM! Something I might actually need my Microsoft sidewinder 3d, or whatever it was, joystick for. Haven't used it in years, hope it can still be hooked to something in here
rr6966's Avatar rr6966 12:10 PM 03-22-2012
I loved the original series. I had it on my Panasonic 3DO, Sony Playstation 1 ( WC3, and WC4), and on the PC, so I'm eager to try this out. Uses Freespace graphics engine which was pretty spectacular.
Lord_Zath's Avatar Lord_Zath 08:11 AM 04-02-2012
I was just thinking this yesterday when the WC movie theme came on in my car stereo. Wife was pretty pleased with the music, too. Till I told her it was from a movie based off of a game from the 90's

A massive Star Wars game XvT or XWA style would be freaking incredible. 64 players, HD graphics... command an ISD or a group of fighters, a la Battlestations Midway/Pacific.
newfmp3's Avatar newfmp3 06:04 PM 04-02-2012
oh some cool memories popping up here. Gravis ultrasound, lol, largest sound card I think I ever had. awe64 gold, Diamond monster 3dfx, The money I spent on some of these things just scares me

Wing Commander is still my fav scifi game of all time. I have to give the new user created Wing Commander a try if I can ever put down skyrim. Curse EA for taking away Origin and with it, Wing Commander and my other fav game of all time....Ultima.
rr6966's Avatar rr6966 08:57 AM 04-03-2012
I've downloaded WC Saga, but only played for a few minutes ( training only ), but it looks very good. The game is very polished for a free game, looks more like paid for release title. Definitely worth your time to check it out.
Troubleshooter's Avatar Troubleshooter 06:41 AM 04-04-2012
I tried it too - Not too bad, I'd throw them a few bones for it. It's not quite up to snuff for an A rated release but it really is fairly slick.

MikeRich's Avatar MikeRich 12:30 PM 04-06-2012
I wonder if Chris Roberts has thought about using KickStarter for WC? I imagine that EA still owns the rights, but maybe do the spiritual successor or something.

I'd kick him a few $$
HeadRusch's Avatar HeadRusch 02:10 PM 04-06-2012
With respect to all developers, I'm starting to feel like there is a new Kickstarter campaign launched every 30 seconds.

My problem is the potential for abuse..."Nah, we...COULD make a modern version of, say, Airborne Ranger for the C64...but....well.....only if you people pony up half of the development cost. Then we will sell it to you for full price".

Its like, small stuff ok...but you can totally see EA trying to Prison-Rape the general gaming populous...
MikeRich's Avatar MikeRich 10:34 PM 04-06-2012
I don't think EA needs kickstarter. They did bring back Syndicate on their own.
Hopefully the "bring back the oldies" movement will bring some good games quickly and cheaply.

I'd love to see a few old games re-done: M1 Tank Platoon, HomeWorld, Airborne Ranger, Wing Commander, Strike Commander, etc..
LexInVA's Avatar LexInVA 06:55 PM 04-08-2012
There's a bunch of games on Steam that can fill your void for open-space sim shenanigans. X, Evochron Mercenary, and a few others.
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