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HeadRusch's Avatar HeadRusch 03:09 PM 04-25-2012
Just watched it.

Is it just me, or is this not the exact....I mean exact same game as the first Prototype? Slightly upgraded graphics engine it looks like but otherwise.....exactly the same....well, ok...your protagonist is a different dude but the city is still the same....not even a different location, looks like similar powers but...really? Not even a new environment?

The first game was so impossibly hard that even with trainers on the PC version I actually had a long, hard time finishing the game. In later levels I have no idea at all how anyone could actually play the game, as soon as you were discovered, 3-4 choppers and 3-8 tanks would suddenly appear out of nowhere to swarm you.. The entire game became and endless parkour run away from those vehicles, then trying to take them down or hide from them (almost impossible in later levels) one at a time.

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