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LexInVA's Avatar LexInVA 09:20 AM 09-15-2012
It's now available but the download servers are being busted up by the demand so you may want to get the official torrents or just wait. So far it looks pretty damn good and even Valve is giving it their blessings.

Yrd's Avatar Yrd 06:47 PM 09-16-2012
About time, it's been in development forever. They keep Valve hours. When I first got Half-Life 2 and it said it came with Half-Life Source, this is what I expected. Not what Half-Life Source actually is.
LexInVA's Avatar LexInVA 08:19 AM 09-17-2012
Yeah, I was hoping for the same when I found out HL Source was a reality. Or at least that they would use the farking HD texture pack instead of the original textures. Now if only we could get the expansions remade ala Black Mesa. I would happily pay for that if Valve wants to pick up the development tab and would donate hardware or money to BM based on the quality of their work.
tory40's Avatar tory40 05:53 PM 09-17-2012
Go for the torrent, its exactly what its designed for.
Yrd's Avatar Yrd 07:39 PM 09-17-2012
I downloaded it, played the intro, but I don't know how much time I'll be spending with it. Borderlands 2 is out tonight, and I'm still obsessed with Dark Souls.

Even the source engine is showing it's age now. It's about as old as the original engine was when Half life 2 came out.

Hope I can stick with it. I remember the human soldier guys AI impressed me when I first encountered them way back. I don't think anything like that had been done before.
Like going into an A/C duct and they would toss in grenades after you.
blackssr's Avatar blackssr 06:53 PM 09-18-2012
Did anyone get SLI to work with Black Mesa?
Yrd's Avatar Yrd 10:39 AM 09-20-2012
Can't you run just one of the cards by itself? I've never used SLI, but we're talking about the source engine, it's not going to kill any card made within the last 5 years.
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