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Fangrim's Avatar Fangrim 08:56 PM 11-09-2012
Hullos all!

Finally, after more than 20 years of waiting, David Braben and the guys at Frontier Development has finally announced the development of the next Elite game called "Elite: Dangerous".

For those of us who played the original Elite (or it's sequel Frontier) on C64, Spectrum, Amiga, etc., this should be a no-brainer to support. For those of you who are not familiar with Elite, take a look at e.g. EvE Online and the X-series of games - they're all heavily inspired by Elite.

Elite was the original open-ended spade combat/trading game, most of what came after in this genre has been heavily inspired by it.

They're raising funds at Kickstarter:

Please go there and support with what you can spare - make this dream come alive!


darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 09:19 PM 11-09-2012
Reminder everyone: A Kickstarter project is under no obligation to ever ship an actual, working product. All they have to do is make an attempt to do such. This of course means that collecting a couple million dollars, then running the company in to the ground as rapidly as possible is a perfectly acceptable use of Kickstarter money.

Lets see if the first round of Kickstarter games actually ship before funding any more. As it stands FTL is the only real success. Just about everything else is terribly behind schedule, out of money before finishing the project, or still in the land of vapor ware.

In addition: Your link is super-busted, Grim.
Fangrim's Avatar Fangrim 10:03 PM 11-09-2012
Link fixed (already thought I did - oopsies! ;o)

You're right - Kickstarter is no guarantee for a finished product.

In Frontier's defense, they've been in this industry for over 25 years, and have delivered their other games on schedule. This is not some newcomer with a nifty idea, seeking to make a big buck.

I've been following Frontier and Braben for 15+ years, and I've never doubted that some day, a new Elite would be made. A few days ago, the Kickstarter was launched - all I can do now is pledge, spread the word, and hope.

You don't have to dish out hundreds of dollars - any pledge will do - it's the only way to make this happen.
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