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I want to get a 46" TV and connect it to a gaming PC in my living room (And start using Steam's Big Picture).

I'm trying to figure out what I need from my TV, and find a model that'll supply that.

Now from what I understand, seeing as I'm not going to play in the dark with no light on, I should get LED over Plasma. Almost or just as good performance in most things,
consumed less power, longer lifespan, etc.

The main issue I'm confused about is the Hz aspect of the TV set. I also suspect I should check the refresh rate...

Many TV sets that I saw boasts 100Hz . But I understand they cheat and interpolate frames. This might (or surely does?) add lag because of the processing time it'll take,
and in turn make games unplayable.
But every thread I saw that talked about that (over the whole friggin internet by now...) always include one or two guys that swear that games are just over 9000 more awesome with higher Hz.

Many TV sets also have a "game mode", that I understand disable this extra frame interpolation. But does this reduce the display to 60Hz? Shouldn't it remain the same Hz and just display the
same frame more times?
But I thought LCD screens already do display the same frame until the next time shows up (unlike old CRTs that flashed black between frames in lower Hz)...
This is so confusing...

To make things more specific, at first I was interested in Samsung UE46EH5000 or Samsung UA46D5500. The latter is a Smart TV which is a feature I obviously don't need.

But then I got into the whole Hz mess, and I'm not sure if I need to find a 200Hz set, be happy with 100Hz, find 60Hz somewhere or only get multiplies of 60Hz (or 120Hz).

In the end I'm still not exactly sure how this works with FPS...
FPS in games can drop as the computer get more strained, and be 54 or 39 or any other number. So the computer will send 39 frames per second to a 100Hz monitor that can refresh its display up to 100 times per second - how will it deal with that?! (How does my current 60Hz computer monitor deal with that? Should I care?).

So if anyone is willing to help, I'll be grateful...
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No direct experience, but read a lot on the Internet. 120 Hz TV in PC mode brings it down to 60 Hz. If you want to keep 120 Hz, there will be input lag. I don't know how about the lag is.
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The speed limit is currently 60 for non PC devices. That is all you need to know.
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"longer lifespan"

Something in the panel aside from the display is going to die first, such as a processing board, power supply, etc. All of that stuff is the same between LCD and plasma. Anybody telling you that LCDs last longer is a person that you immediately know that you can safely ignore anything that they have to say.

"So the computer will send 39 frames per second to a 100Hz monitor"

TVs accept 60hz input as a maximum. That means that any other 120/240/600hz number that you see does you no good when you are feeding the display its maximum input of 60hz (60fps gaming). 120/240hz comes in to play when you want to do 3D or interpolate frame at the expense of greater input lag. 3D is fine, and something that you can do on either LCD or plasma, but frame interpolation is pretty much some gimmicky garbage and a terrible choice for games.
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You want a IPS panel if possible(this was my #1 item when searching for a TV for gaming). 60ghz is what you are going to be playing games and 1080p. HDMI. I went with the Panasonic (see sig) which had all I recommend and that was about 2 years ago.
I went with LED LCD just because at the time it seemed right, never regretted the decision at all. If you do a search there were a number of threads on gaming and TV. Be sure to read up on it before making your final purchase.

Good luck and enjoy the hunt.
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