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It's seems that the winds of change are blowing in the gaming industry. I feel like the biggest gaming publishers in the world, are looking for a "New World Order" in terms of how people buy and sell their products on console. There are so many different rumors swirling about how used games will be handled. Whether there will be a transfer fee and whatnot.

I know what you're thinking.... What the heck does this have to do with PC ?

Well, I have to imagine that the big publishers aren't too happy about how their premiere games are marked down so quickly on PC. I wonder how long it will continue. I'm talking about games like Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite. All of those games are from huge publishers. All of those games are selling very cheap on PC just a couple of months after coming out. With the new paradigm in the console world, where it seems these new restrictions are going to cause some major disruptions to the second hand market, do you think these publishers are going to want to do something about the PC market as well ?

I think one of the reasons that the publishers haven't really worried too much about the extreme markdowns on the PC side of things, is because this generation has dragged on so long, that maybe they are waiting for this generation to end, and things will start to be different. For example, let's take a game like Watch Dogs or COD Ghosts or Battlefield 4. All these games are coming to these next-gen systems where the second hand markets are going to be quite a bit different than they have been. Can we expect the PC prices of those games to drop just as fast as they always have when their console brethren are going to be holding firm to their prices abnormally long (because of the restrictions added to the second hand market) ?

Right now, we are in the glory days of PC gaming where every single game hit's $19.99 or $9.99 or even $5.99 pretty darn quickly. I just wonder if it's sustainable, especially considering what's going to happen on the console side of things. Another thing I wonder about, is whether there will be any artificial delays in the release of these games on PC. You'd think that Microsoft and Sony wouldn't be interested in Watch Dogs and COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 all being available day and date on the PC. They have to know that many of the same gamers that have PC rigs, are the same gamers they are hoping are early adopters for these new consoles.

If the games come out day and date, and there isn't any delay, then why buy the PS4 or Xbox One ? If these big games drop in price really fast on PC, like has been the case over the years, why buy a next-gen console with all these built in restrictions to the second hand market ? Prices of games that bomb in the marketplace normally come down quick, and the second hand market has a pretty big effect on that. But with a Big Brother controlled second hand market, I see the prices being held in check artificially, so why not buy on PC where the prices come down quickly like they always have ?

I don't know, I just have a feeling that something has to give.
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I think by now, most publishers have enough data from past sales and pricing to recognize that some people simply aren't going to buy a game at $60, but will at a lower price....especially in a time limited sale. Used games will still be around to provide price pressure, and there will still be a dozen PC marketplaces competing for everyone's dollar. Older games can't stay at $60 forever, they'll drop out of necessity in order to entice the more price sensitive buyers. Maybe that slide will take a little longer on average, but its already fairly variable - some older games still in high demand like skyrim or CODs can command a higher price for longer. The used market definitely accelerates it, but even in it's complete absence, I think the exact same scenario would play out over time. I'm not convinced the restrictions on used games proposed for the current consoles will have much effect - if a secondhand buyer needs to pay a $10 surcharge for a used game, that would effectively drop the value of a used game by $10, market forces will ensure that. If someone's only willing to pay $20 for a game, they're only going to pay $20, whether it's $20, or $10 + $10 fee. Besides, steam/PC remains unique in it's complete inability to resell games to begin with....publishers definitely like that.

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All I know is its game over gamestop. I like steam and apple app store because its quick and easy.

I want netflix version of steam , all the games for some high price.
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when I saw the title of the thread I knew it was Anthony1 asking !

I probably will buy a next gen console this time... haven't bought a console
in 15 years... but like you said some games , like the madden football have been
only on consoles lately , why is that ?

I would hope there is a way to market the used pc games in the near future,
I have so many games sitting around I need to just start what ? throwing them
away ?
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Originally Posted by JoeNc View Post

when I saw the title of the thread I knew it was Anthony1 asking !

Yup! biggrin.gif

Anthony seems to be good people.

Personally, I've been paying full price for games that I'm confident will interest me. If in the future we don't see really great discounts for games of questionable quality, then I will gladly do without.
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The console and PC market may change, but the console market a bit more, mainly due to both using x86 architecture now, people won't have to run around screaming console port. With both consoles being nearly on par with a 'half-decent' PC, I think in the next 2-3 years we'll start seeing better looking games across the board (doesn't necessarily mean actual gameplay quality will improve though... lol).

Personally nothing on the PS4 is of any interest to me, and I think Sony was ungodly stupid to make GT6 for the PS3 and not a PS4 launch title. With there being no backwards comp, their big GT fans will probably ignore the PS4 at launch and stick with the 3 to play GT6. I'll be getting a new Xbox (Can't stand the name One... make me think of the first Xbox every time I hear it) most likely on day one to play Forza 5, and eventually Halo since I'm a fan (story, not multiplayer, don't give 2 craps about mp.) ANd am very intrigued by the other aspects of it.

With both systems not allowing backward comp, and not allowing used games, I see game stores drying up quick. (Goodbye Lamestop). Majority revenue for game stores comes from used games as they make all the profit, and their stock of old systems and games won't last long, Gamestop I know has stopped taking Xbox Original and PS2 hardware and games. I assume with Xbox One requiring installs, they'll be using some sort of serial key for games like PC does, only way that makes sense to me.

Another thing I'm intrigued by, but also wary about, are the built in streaming/video uploading functions. I have a bad feeling that streaming will be limited to low bandwidth and low resolution, and the video uploading will turn out like the YT function in the latest 2 iterations of the DiRT series, allowing you to only take 30sec clips from replays. Fact of the matter is, most people streaming from consoles, or recording footage, already have the external hardware to do so, and that hardware is leagues better than anything built in, almost guaranteed. And when was the last time people used Ustream? Almost everyone uses Twitch now. Just taking a cursory glance at Ustream, there are some live game channels, most of which have 0 to 1 viewers, and the majority are in the SEA region. A cursory glance at Twitch reveals 36,000 people watching League of Legends alone. Another 13,000 on Starcraft 2. Did Sony choose Ustream on purpose? Could they not negotiate a deal with Twitch? Something tells me the Xbox's streaming will also NOT be done through Twitch, and if so, then what's really the point?

Back to the main topic at hand, I don't foresee the PC market really changing much, if at all, aside from getting better games due to multiplatform games being developed on x86 architecture. I don't think pricing will drastically change, nor do I think sale prices will go up either, sales on digital games are still a much higher profit for companies as it costs them practically nothing to distribute, so until consoles become digital distribution ONLY, digital games on PC will probably continue to have good sales.

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