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ashc2025's Avatar ashc2025 12:05 PM 08-28-2013
I am looking to move my PC into my media closet and create a dedicated HTPC. My issues I'm concerned about are Keyboard and mouse locations. My couch sits about 20' away from my media closet which is behind a wall. I don't want to run any wires along the floor but I'm not sure I can get a mouse to work that far. I've seen a few Logitech keyboards that will most likely have decent wireless reception, but finding a decent mouse and board seems to be an issue. I've seen a few USB over IP repeaters, but I still would have to run a cable under the carpet. There's the option of a separate controller, wireless 360 or logitech wireless PS3, but the support for these and games is sometimes limited, I would also have controllers all over the place. As far as gaming is concerned I will be playing mostly RPG's and reserve my fighting and FPS's to the consoles. I was also planning on running a hub to directly under the TV, so there would be ease of access for friends HDD, tablets, and other USB devices. There's a distance problem with this though, as most hubs are only 3' and going through the wall to the TV would most likely be about 10'. So I'm looking for something/s that would solve my USB woes.

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