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drhill's Avatar drhill 08:41 PM 08-08-2004
Haven't seen anything about this anywhere, but does anyone know if there is a way to run thief 3 in a widescreen resolution. Looking through some ini files it doesn't seem possible.

Melonhead11's Avatar Melonhead11 03:22 PM 01-01-2005

Would also like to know this myself.

CJ Ryan's Avatar CJ Ryan 06:09 PM 01-01-2005
If no one is able to help you here, You may want to try the tech help forums at, one of the Thief websites. Lot of capable people there.

I have T: DS, but don't have it on my widescreen setup yet, so I haven't looked into it myself, though I'm interested in knowing the answer.
drhill's Avatar drhill 09:55 AM 01-02-2005
I doubt there is an answer. They cut a lot of corners making this game (cross development sucks).

I haven't touched this game in months mostly because of the lack of widescreen.
Melonhead11's Avatar Melonhead11 10:25 AM 01-02-2005
I'm not sure there is a way either. If you go into:
C:\\Documents and Settings\\[user]\\My Documents\\Thief - Deadly Shadows\\SaveGames\\User Options under the options config file, there is a resolution setting, but it is just like values 1 - 4 or something for their standard game resolution settings and I don't think you can deviate from one of these options.

drhill's Avatar drhill 12:04 PM 01-02-2005
I know. I played with that awhile ago.