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Originally posted by chris5977
In 10 years your PC may not be be able to load the current version of Windows, let alone play a game. 10 years is an ETERNITY in the computing world.
In 10 years he'll be able to play all the "classics" like Doom 3, HL2, etc. Or, he can simply buy a new PC in 10 years along with a postage-stamp sized drive containing all the "classics" & their respective operating systems to make them work.


DDR2 is only part of the equation. It's the end result of many variables that make a PC reach the #1 spot. Last I saw, none of those contained DDR2.

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Originally posted by DooDoo
There are many sticks of DDR2 available that can run 3-2-2-8 into the high 300's, built by Micron. DDR's days are numbered.
Very true, but Dells, Alienware etc... have locked BIOS, so it would be impossible to use these modules unless they ran at the exact same voltage, which is very unlikely. If you can't change things in your BIOS you don't have these options.

The fastest DDR modules are still faster than the fastest DDR2. BH-5, BH-6, TCCD...all those ICs run 2-2-2-x, some hit above 300mhz at those timings. DDR2 cant do that yet. It's likely AMD will skip DDR2 altogether. The fastest machines are AMD and use good old DDR1, throwing a 2 at the end of DDR does not make it better. Intel would like you to believe that though.
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