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klawrence's Avatar klawrence 09:25 AM 12-04-2007
my chipset cooler is so freaking loud... I should fix that first.

anyone else using a P90 Antec case?

SAVholic's Avatar SAVholic 02:20 PM 12-04-2007
Hey guys any news on the dual GPU or X2 ATI card comming in Jan. I've heard it should be around $350 - $400 (crossfire in a single slot is a nice one)
BBS G35's Avatar BBS G35 02:22 PM 12-09-2007
Originally Posted by Bob7145 View Post

Silent 8800gt
3 slots wide, 111c

hdtv00's Avatar hdtv00 04:21 AM 12-10-2007
Hell my current card 1900xt hits 93c at times, and it has a fan....So fanless I'd say that's pretty good, if it's designed to take that heat cool. I don't think in the test they even had it IN the case, case was open and not closed case like most would run it. Bet its warm as all hell then.

I do dream of water cooled silence though.....god how great would that be.
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