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Sorry I forgot to copy this review I did

Pros: Incredible picture quality for Blu Ray, reference quality for all sound formats.
Cons: Somewhat slow booting up. Takes some time to learn the menu system.
I have owned the UD9004 since May 2010. I was in the market for a reference quality CD player and SACD player. For a Class A player I was looking at Ayre, Luxman, Esoteric, Marantz. I wanted to buy my "last" high end music player. At the same time I had just moved from the PS3 as my Blu Ray player and bought a Panasonic to serve as my DVD/Blu ray player. My audio player was a Pioneer Elite. I read some reviews on the Marantz and intrigued by the idea that not only did I not have to spend $6K to $10K on a new music player but that I could get all that PLUS Blu Ray in a single box.
3 years later I have never regretted the decision to go wit the Marantz. In my media room I have it hooked up to a Bryston SP3 pre/pro. I have hooked up one HDMI output to the SP3 for when I watch movies. I also have the 7.1 channel analogue hooked up to the SP3 for SACD multi channel. And last but not least I have the balanced output hooked up to the balanced input on the SP3 for listening to CD's.
For me 3D is not important and the primary decision was based on the sound of the Marantz USING THE ANALOGUE OUTPUT. The slow boot up time has never been an issue because if I sit down to watch a movie I don't care if it takes a minute to boot up and load or 10 seconds. It has never bothered me.
My projector os a JVC DLA RS25 which is not 3D and I have no intention of going 3D in the near future. My next projector will be a 4K projector with LED when their is 4K content readily available. Until then I love my projector.
For me the Marantz represents the best SACD, DVD Audio, CD and Bluy Ray I have ever experienced in my room. SACD with the right recording approaches what I get from my analogue front end.
One of the negatives I have read about the 9004 is that it does not have any digital inputs that could leverage its incredible DAC. That was a consideration but when I heard the DAC in my Brsyton SP3 it was no longer an issue. I did not need to access the DAC in the 9004 because the DAC in the SP3 would be my converter for any digital to analogue conversion I would need.
One of the areas I explored when I did my review of the SP3 in this Forum was to compare the DAC in the 9004 and the SP3. In my listening I could not hear a difference which says a lot about the Marantz audio quality.
When I look back at the fact that I almost dropped more money on an audio only player 3 years ago I am very thankful that the 9004 was released at roughly the same time.
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I, too, was blown away by the sound of the 9004. The reliability, not so much. Had to get it fixed once, maybe twice, at great cost in time and shipping, though at least it was under it's good three year warranty

Also it was always VERY finicky playing movies--just wouldn't play some of them.. Maybe because we rent BluRays from Netflix, maybe the laser was never adjusted quite right, who knows. Way too irritating for me, and my wife hated it.

When I bought my SP3, I replaced the Marantz with an OPPO 103, and run all sources digital to the Bryston. Still some kinks to work out with the SP3, but basically way more dependable and, like you, I find the SQ to be pretty much the same, very high quality.

It may just be you got a good one, I got a lemon. I'm very glad you're happy with your unit--I have no knocks on it's audio or video quality at all.

(As an aside, though, the OPPO is WAY faster loading BluRays...)




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My Marantz UD9004 don't read SACD-R discs on DVD-R. Maybe it's blocked in the latest firmware?

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In case anyone might not have seen this , it's the UK article comparing
the UD9004 with the Denon A1UD from HIFI News Dec 2009;5000/7602

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An interesting comparison.
I'm looking DVD-Audio player with warm sound like UD9004, but with faster loading disks.
May be try Esoteric SA60, UX-1, UX-3, Meridian 800 DAX? Maybe another Universal Blu-Ray player?
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My backup player is on the classifieds here, FYI.
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