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GizmoDVD's Avatar GizmoDVD 08:26 AM 04-29-2010
Does this play movie files (MKV etc.) via USB?

Irish_Kaiju's Avatar Irish_Kaiju 12:32 PM 05-09-2010
Hi, just got off the phone with Samsung support. They don't know what the internal NIC speed is. They guess 10/100mbps. Amazing. Does anyone know for sure?
For the price I paid I expected 10/100/1000mbps.

Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 01:08 PM 05-09-2010
Originally Posted by GizmoDVD View Post

Does this play movie files (MKV etc.) via USB?

Yes, it does...just tested it out.
Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 09:31 PM 05-24-2010
Anyone know of a way to turn the auto-play off? With all the streaming options, I would like it to not start the disc every time I turn it on with a disc inside.
stingershadow's Avatar stingershadow 09:08 PM 05-27-2010
I'm trying to uypdate the firmware on my bd-p4600 but.. doing a USB or CD update gives me the following error: "error was detected in update data
please try again"

any ideas?
Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 09:31 PM 05-27-2010
try redownloading the file and starting again...might have been an error with the first download.

Is the wifi or hardwired direct update from the P4600 not an option?
stingershadow's Avatar stingershadow 03:46 PM 05-31-2010
ok, downloaded again but same error
Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 10:31 PM 06-02-2010
Originally Posted by stingershadow View Post

ok, downloaded again but same error

There is a new firmware that came out just the other day. 2.09 I believe....give that one a try and see from there.

I updated mine from 2.07 to the new 2.09 via wifi and its been working fine for the past couple days.

Good Luck!
Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 10:34 PM 06-02-2010
Originally Posted by Will PWR View Post

Anyone know of a way to turn the auto-play off? With all the streaming options, I would like it to not start the disc every time I turn it on with a disc inside.

From another forum member on the P3600 thread, I found that there is a round about way to achieve the above....

Originally Posted by Caribwoy2000 View Post

Try hitting "Eject" on the remote rather than the power button... For me this boots up the machine and kicks out the disk rather than loading it right away

You might still have to go over there and take it out the tray before doing netflix etc... dunno haven't tried it

This worked perfectly for me. There isnt a tray on the P4600, so the disk just sticks out..but netflix and etc works without having to wait for the disk bootup

Also, when I turn off the P4600 it takes the disk back in as well..
stingershadow's Avatar stingershadow 11:09 AM 06-03-2010
So I called Samsung and it turns out my unit is different from the US version... I got mine in Mexico... so Samsung Mexico won't provide the firmware to users because "it's a delicate" operation.. I need to request the upgrade to a service center... I don't want to do that..

Any ideas on how to find the "international version" of the firmware?
coletrain6000's Avatar coletrain6000 01:41 PM 07-13-2010
FWIW, I have the 4600 and never had a problem with it. Great BD player. I've done all the firmware downloads too. No probs connecting to wireless WAP2 on At&t highspeed dsl. Netflix is great, no probs starting/stopping movies. No streaming lag either. I dont use Blockbuster (never even tried it). Pandora is fantastic, would rather listen to that than the radio (sounds better & no commercials). Pandora DOES have a screen saver. Its not pretty but is perfect for plasma. Its a mostly black screen with a "wave" shape that flips and moves about the screen. Not very noticable and looks like the screen is off which is good IMO. Youtube works but I cant find any of my own uploads even if its my login. Couldnt even find them in a search. So Im not sure that the content is the same as the .com site but why wouldnt it be? I hardly use youtube anyway so NBD. The only thing I dont like it is light weight. The way I had my HDMI cable routed would push the play out from the shelf. I re-routed. Do not use a thick cabled HDMI. You will have to bend the cable it just after the plug to get it to fit. I did. This could cause stress on the wires or connection but I'm getting away with it so far. I have the audio set to "audiophile" but I may try the other setting based on what I've read earlier in this thread just to see if there is any difference. My Pio always shows the Dolby/PL2/HD or whatever just as it shows on the BD disc so I not sure why others in the thread would have probs with audio decoding....maybe the amp is at fault?

player: BD-P4600
TV: PN50B650
amp: Pio VSX-820

Did I mention it looks super cool too?
Will PWR's Avatar Will PWR 09:33 PM 08-26-2010
Looks like firmware version 2.12 is available now...
rikosuave's Avatar rikosuave 12:47 AM 09-03-2010
I think I've done 3-4 firmware upgrades for the P4600 and on the last one or the one before my 5.1 surround confirmation on my Yamaha receiver is now only showing L and R where before it showed the 5.1 when I played a BD movie

My DirecTV source shows the 5.1 indicators when a program has that audio encoded but not my Blu Ray's.

It seems like I'm getting all the sound encoding (LFE's work fine) but I'm wondering why I'm not getting the 5.1 sound indicsators to regester on my audio receiver's panel?

Is my Yamaha not recognizing the new Samsung firmware?
machas74's Avatar machas74 01:00 PM 10-20-2010
I've just upgraded firmware to 2.12 reason was I could not play some blu ray movies. Funny because that started happening after it downloaded to firmware 2.09 but it's all good now and it was a piece of cake.
CPav's Avatar CPav 03:53 PM 01-01-2011
Does anyone know how to turn off / change the timeout when pausing a video file off the usb drive? It seems to stop the playback after a minute or two, and doesn't restart from the paused point the way a dvd will.
avmaniak's Avatar avmaniak 02:03 PM 01-18-2011
I bought this player for my Mom and connected it to her Sharp Aquos 26-incher on the wall (via HDMI), and since she doesn't have any space she didn't mind using the Aquos' speakers for sound so that's what we did. However, there's always a high-pitched "click" whenever the image comes on and the sound starts, it actually sounds like some sort of static shock sound, as if the speakers weren't able to adapt to the decoding or something. The sound is fine in-movie, but in the menus and in the previews, for instance, the sound is always there. Any of you have any idea what the cause may be?
Dreams's Avatar Dreams 02:36 PM 01-18-2011
Hey Guys,

I've owned my BD-P4600 for just over a year now, love it, plays well, and no complaints

I haven't really bothered to do any of the firmware updates, I'm probably still on the one that came from the manufacturer. Lately, it's been taking a while for some movies to load, like a few minutes, so I'm finally going to update the machine to see if that helps.

My question is, do I have to go "step by step" with each individual upgrade that was released or do you go right away to the last one and install that one? Seems like the last one is 2.13 now? What is the right away about going about this?

ozshadow's Avatar ozshadow 02:27 PM 02-07-2011
I have a Samsung BDP-4600 going through a Denon AVR-590 into a Samsung LN52B750.

Every once in a while I get a band of artifacts. The band is about 1 foot from the left side. It is not solid. It is just an area about 2-3" wide, top to bottom, that light yellow snow flickers in.

I have only noticed this while watching a Bluray or DVD movie. I know it happens at 60hz. I have never see this at 24fps setting when I can use that one.

Sometimes it will go away with a complete shutdown and re-start.

It does not happen all the time and I do not recall ever seeing it happen while watching TV.

The issue is driving me crazy.

Anyone experienced this or have any thoughts about it?
dasurber's Avatar dasurber 11:10 PM 06-24-2011
This is one of those units that if its currently working you should just deny upgrading the firmware when it asks each time. I tried to upgrade it once and nearly bricked the unit. If you read this and MANY other forums you find out many people have had major frustrations by trying to do the upgrades. So while it might be a minor annoyance just tell it NO every time when it wants to do the upgrade. Otherwise you could very easily end up having to buy a new Bluray player. This is sad that a $300 + player is this poor. It has made me seriously question if I want to buy other Samsung products given how poorly this has worked for so many people. So if it works.... don't mess with it!!!
rob_j_l's Avatar rob_j_l 05:48 PM 01-20-2012
My bluray is broken, I've posted all the gorey details on an Irish Forum:

any help would be gratefully appreciated

thanks in advance

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