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Originally Posted by tngiloy View Post
Thanks for the answer. Do you work for Ayre or have inside information?? Or is this just a guess??

I was kind of hoping that Ayre was going to use the Oppo 105 as a platform for a new universal player.

I've been an Ayre dealer since 1994 when their only product was the V-3 power amp.

Things can always change, but as of now things don't seem to be headed that way.
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Originally Posted by Charles Hansen View Post

We know that many people like surround sound, which is why we paid so much attention to its implementation. It is by far the best HDMI audio output around. First of all, there are separate grounds for the audio side of the player and video side. This makes a really big difference in both audio and picture quality. It is very important to keep them separated. So the first thing to do is to run all of the video cables directly to your display and all of the audio cables to the SSP. Never run your video signals to the SSP. This will degrade the PQ due to the extra circuitry in the SSP, plus it will re-connect the video and audio grounds.

Ayre Acoustics, Inc.
Hello Charles,

You have written several times how important it is to separate the audio and video signals, sending video only to the display and audio only to the SSP.

Is there an advantage to sending a video only signal to the projector if you do not have a DX-5 with its separate grounds?

As you know better than anyone HDMI must always carry a video signal. I understand it can be a "blank" video signal and it can be 720p or 1080p. Is there an advantage using the "blank" video when sending audio to the SSP?

I have read in another thread that just plugging in an HDMI cable to an SSP activates its video circuits, which can create noise and affect the DACs unless the SSP is very well designed. The extreme approach would be to have external DACs.

BTW I have a Datasat RS20i. I hope the proposed project with them goes through.

Thanks for your help.
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Monsters University and the Captain America 2 disc has audio errors on the discs and they are both Disney. The problems only occur on my Ayre player.

The Monsters University disc randomly has the audio go out. I turn the player off and back on and it fixes the problem.

The Captain American 2 disc has sharp treble sounds that make the speakers sound like they are clipping or blown. It is only brief surges randomly throughout the movie. I am scared to turn it up so my speakers don't get fried.

Is there a way we can look at fixing these or should I just swallow it? It has to be a firmware issue that Oppo doesn't want to fix, or at least that is what I assume. Both are DTS HD-MA 7.1 soundtracks if that matters. Is there a setting I should try in the audio processing?

I love CA2 but can live without the other but I think for the most part the problem will only increase across future titles. For the record, I have purchased 2-3 copies of the above movies, even from different stores that might have different batch runs and the problem is consistent. The Monsters University I even bought months apart from different vendors and it still randomly occurs. I have over 500 titles and those are the only 2 that I have a problem with so far and both of those came out this year.
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Just watched Godzilla and it seems to have the same "sharp treble sounds", like loud clicks. I'll try Captain America tonight. Anyone else having this issue? I also noticed that my SSP listed the audio as Dolby Digital 7.1 (mc) although both the disc and the box said DTS (Godzilla).
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Official OPPO BDP-83 Owner's Thread [technical talk only]

^ 1/2 or so the way down the page is where the talk of the distortion with 7.1 issue starts.
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