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Tank_PD's Avatar Tank_PD 11:34 AM 03-22-2012
I was going to get a Pioneer 53FD as well, until I read the owners thread here.

I have a Panasonic BDP210, which is my bar for cheap players. My only complaint is it very loud when playing DVDs -- I can hear the high pitched motor / whirling over my speakers.

For some reason I can't bring myself to get the Oppo. I've been considering a Cambridge 651BD /751BD instead -- but the remote looks just as terrible as the Anthem and a review mentioned it was not particularly quiet either. After this Anthem BLX 200 and a not so great experience with a Marantz UD5005 I may just stay away from all expensive blu-ray players. They do not seem worth the cost.

BTW, Anyone interested in a Anthem BLX200? PM me.

Talk2Me's Avatar Talk2Me 03:20 PM 03-22-2012
Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

most BD player requires service code for a new drive to work on the given motherboard.

I personally would just move over to Pioneer BDP-53FD. I had the chance to play with my client's Anthem and as much as I like the cosmetics and trying to match my Anthem receiver, the Pioneer BDP-53FD kills the Anthem BD player.

MAYBE, at the time of release the Anthem was a killer player, but not anymore.

The soon to be released Panny 500 looks pretty sweet.
Tank_PD's Avatar Tank_PD 04:11 PM 03-22-2012
Originally Posted by Talk2Me View Post

The soon to be released Panny 500 looks pretty sweet.

Whoa, didn't know about this one --Panasonic DMP-BDT500. I'm 90% happy w/ my current Panasonic. I think I'm going to wait for this. I hope it is quieter. I guess I won't need to get another "super premium" player.
winston9332's Avatar winston9332 06:26 AM 07-09-2012
Anthem.jpg 342k .jpg file

Anyone else have a disc drive that refuses to open? I have tried the soft reset in the menu and unplugging/replugging to no luck. Player is response otherwise.
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