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v1rtu0s1ty's Avatar v1rtu0s1ty 08:10 PM 10-30-2010
I need to display a 1920x1080 HD test pattern via my Pioneer BDP-320. I want to do some calibration on my CRT projector. I was hoping I can burn it on a DVD media but it's read as bluray format. There was a thread similar to my question but the link posted on that thread is dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



mdavej's Avatar mdavej 08:20 PM 10-30-2010
THIS thread has the tests you can burn to DVD as AVCHD. I've used that method successfully for years on my blu-ray player.

If that doesn't work for you, HDNet broadcasts a test pattern about once a week, early Saturday morning, I think. Then you can do some very basic calibration from your DVR, Cable or Sat box.
v1rtu0s1ty's Avatar v1rtu0s1ty 09:47 PM 10-30-2010
Thanks so much!
v1rtu0s1ty's Avatar v1rtu0s1ty 11:26 AM 10-31-2010
I was able to burn the avchd format. It worked flawlessly on my bdp-320 player! Thanks again!
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