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Originally Posted by dasher123 View Post

No I have not... Eh...IDK if I am that talented to do something like that...
What would you clean the laser lens with? Are there any cleaning kits for BD players that come with a disc and spray solution? I'd rather try something like that before opening stuff up..

I generally open the player.
This is how I resurrected my DMP-BD55 (from the Panasonic DNP-BD55 thread in this forum):
"I took the player cover off and opened the sealed internal drive assembly (4 screws on top and gently release tab in rear and lift top cover off). I cleaned the laser lens assembly (both lasers) with a q-tip using denatured alcohol and removed a bunch of stuff/crud from inside the drive unit (dust/dirt balls on the rails the laser assembly rides on towards the end of the rails, hair, etc.). I was careful not to disturb or contaminate the lubricating grease on the rails. I also cleaned the small round platter the center of the disc rides on (there was crud all over the rubberized portion of it). Put it back together and been using it since. So far, so good."
As an added comment, make sure the rails inside the drive that the laser assembly rides on are lubricated (I use a white lithium type grease - small squeeze tube). If they have clean looking grease on them, then probably no need to mess with it.

I also found a repair manual for the BD65 on-line - it looks to me like disassembly would be handled similar to the 55. Unfortunately the forum won't let me upload it (too big, maybe). Check here for it.

look for "This file is downloadable free of charge: Get Manual" printed below the image of the manual front page.

This may be more than you care to mess with - but it really isn't all that difficult, as long as you take your time and are careful.

A long-time audio/video addict!
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Originally Posted by vmavrou View Post
hi there!
i wanted to ask if there is anyway to run youtube html5 app on bdt 220 and not the flash app that is installed?
Thanks in advance
No, there isn't.
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WiFi antenna

Has anybody tried messing with BDT220's WiFi antenna? Such as:
  1. attaching a 5Ghz USB dongle--might require massive SW hacking, which is most likely impossible due to the closed nature of the BDT220's OS;
  2. attaching an external rubber duck antenna via some minor HW hacking/soldering.
My feeling is that better WiFi reception would greatly improve BDT220's DLNA overall performance.
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I just got a BDT 500 (as a step to an Oppo eventually) for cheap. My AVR is currently in the repair shop so I thought I'd use the pre outs of the BDT 500 for now. I using the BDT 500 going into Panny plasma over HDMI and all the BDT 500 pre outs going into respective amps. Problem: I can't control the volume (I can but it doesn't do anything), it just stays at a somewhat loud level. Can the BDT 500 not be used the way I'm trying to? The weird thing is I've tried to get it to work a couple of times and one time it actually did but when I took the BD out and put it back in it was back to not being controllable.
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Panasonic bd t 500 re USB sick capacity useable

Hi everybody, bought the Panny BD 500T from Richer, about 4 months ago, and is great for the money, ( £179 ) it was end of line. As it has a USB input, we thought it might be a plan to archive some of our older movies to USB sticks, we tried 2 movies on a 4gb stick, and they worked perfectly, so bought a 32 gb stick, put 16 on, then gave it a try, the films won't play, the listings and titles load and show on the screen, but when clicked on, get a message saying this item cannot be played, question is, does this machine have a maximum capacity of USB stick it can handle, if not what's the issue.

Plug the stick into a laptop, with a hdmi output and connect to tv, the movies all play perfectly !!! all encoded Mpeg4 as were the 2 on the smaller stick that played fine.

Many thanks for any replies in advance.

Cheers Chris
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