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I am in the market for a blu-ray player and have done a lot of research, mostly on Amazon to see the specs and read reviews. I've narrowed it down to:

Panasonic BDT-220
Panasonic BDT-320
LG BD-670

The LG BD-670 is a 2011 model but seems the 2012 model, the BD-620, is getting poor reviews. The BDT-220 and BDT-320 seem to be new 2012 models and are getting good reviews.

I will obviously use it a lot for playing Blu-Ray but mostly DVD since that's the bulk of my collection. I like the fact these 3 seem to be able to up convert DVD's to HD and also both DVD's and Blu-Ray to 3D. I don't have a 3D capable TV yet but want a 3D Blu-Ray player so I can be future proof.

The bulk of my TV watching is Netflix, Hulu Plus, possibly Amazon's streaming service in the future, possibly sports nets such as MLB, NHL, etc. I'd also like music such as last.fm or Pandora. It is important that the blu-ray player I get has a wide selection of apps and a reliable system.

The issue I have is with parental controls. A lot seem to come with some apps pre-installed but I don't want to necessarily have some of the apps. With either the LG or Panasonic models can I remove some of the installed apps? Also, most of all, can I hide the app marketplace or even set it up that even if the app marketplace appears none of the apps can be installed?

For now I'm leaning towards the BDT-220. It appears to be ranked better than the LG-670 and is a newer model. Also, the BDT-320 is over $30 more and it doesn't appear that there's many extra features for the extra $30. If I'm wrong let me know what makes the BDT-320 a better choice than the BDT-220. A lot of my choice though comes down to parental controls and that aside these 3 seem to be the best players but if there are other good options I'd be open to considering other players.


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Bluray players are great, but have you ever looked into an HTPC. There is a program called XBMC that would let you setup profiles with passwords for your kids, and they could only access what you wanted them to. A little bit more
Of a learning curve, but way more customization. Just a thought.
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On panny you can hide any apps. I'm not sure about hiding the marketplace itself. But there is so little in the app market, it won't be an issue. You'll have a good laugh when you see it.
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