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BoboTWG's Avatar BoboTWG 01:45 PM 06-22-2012
I have a new BP220. I go into Premium/Youtube.
Click on the Sign In and get a code to enter online.
Enter the code and click Accept.
The Youtube App on the TV show that I'm signed in.
Now the problem.
I very briefly will show Favorites, Playlists, etc. but then it disappears and I'm left with only the original options except that the Sing In box now shows Sign Out.
I cannot access anything from my account via the TV and I of course nothing I do on Youtube on my computer does anything on the TV.

Am I doing something wrong or is it not working?

Thanks in advance.


teachsac's Avatar teachsac 02:40 PM 06-22-2012
Welcome to AVS. Please use the existing Panasonic thread for your questions.


BoboTWG's Avatar BoboTWG 09:09 PM 06-22-2012
Thank you but my Blu-ray player is LG. Am I not posting in the right place?
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