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NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 06:43 AM 07-25-2012
Ok, are all these bluray disc Lens cleaners the same thing as music disc lense cleaners? I've got one of those and dont want to spend 20 bucks on a bluray version. I've got a Sony S350 (yes, it's old) giving me random lockups on movies and I want to rule a dirty lens out...
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hakstone's Avatar hakstone 06:51 AM 07-25-2012
How does a disk cleaner clean a lens ????
NismoZ's Avatar NismoZ 07:13 AM 07-25-2012
hakstone's Avatar hakstone 11:55 AM 07-25-2012
I'm sure the technology is the same. Doubt it's the lens, either surface damage to disc or lens not moving across disc properly.
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