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I have an unusual situation involving my purchase of a Blu-Ray player. My collection is all standard DVD's, and I currently rent DVD's from Net-Flix. As such, I'm using a standard DVD player/recorder. Occasionally, friends will offer to loan me their rented Blu-Ray DVD's to watch, which I obviously can't do without a Blu-Ray player. I'd purchase one, but, I need a Blu-Ray with component (green/blue/red) outputs, as I am continuing to use a standard definition CRT television and have no plans to up upgrade to HD. All new Blu-Ray players output solely through HDMI and composite. I want to continue to watch my standard DVD's through the higher quality video afforded by the component inputs on my TV, and I really don't want to have two players - one Blu-Ray and one standard DVD - to watch movies.

From what I've been told, I need to purchase a used Blu-Ray player from around 2010 or earlier, in order to get the necessary component outputs. Does anyone have any recommendation on good makes/models I should keep an eye out for? Also, any suggestions where to find like-new older Blu-Ray players other than on Craig's List?
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Google HDFury, you may not need to limit yourself to older players.
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There are several dedicated threads for your situation.

Analog Sunset:

Component Output:

Another option is to search the Help Me Choose thread with component.

Good luck.

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I have been very satisfied with my Sony players:
BDP-S350 - has fully functional component video outputs
BDP-S550 - has fully functional component video outputs + multi channel analog audio outputs
BDP-S1000ES - probably the best player of these 3, has fully functional component video outputs + multi channel analog audio outputs
All 3 of these remain free of cinavia also, so far.
I see these on EBay advertised as in very good condition occasionally for attractive prices ($100 range & less).
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