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Originally Posted by pepar View Post
Thanks, I guess this boundary has been pushed a lot in the last year or so. The Oppo interface for DSD on attached USB storage is very crude, and with hundreds of titles becomes fairly worthless. So now I guess I need to research DLNA. I'll go to the 105 thread, read the first post, and the last two months and then do some searching for the relevant discussion.

For somebody like me who accesses all their media stored on a (Synology) NAS using the Oppo's GUI, I don't have a problem finding and playing (.dff and .dsf) DSD files via UPnP and SMB.

But from what I'm able to determine, if you want to find and play your (.dff and .dsf) DSD files using a 'smart remote control' (or what-ever the correct expression is), it seems to be a more complicated issue

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Originally Posted by Bob Pariseau View Post
^ Yes. The key here is your report that you can't get anything but RGB PC Level on the HDMI 2 output. How do you know that? By the OPPO's on-screen Info display (plus Page Up/Down to switch to showing output status), or by some status display on your AVR? If there is disagreement between those two then that's a handshake failure and reseating the plugs would be a common fix. For example, if the AVR thinks it is connected to a DVI device (like a computer) then it would expect RGB input and NO AUDIO on that connection.
RGB was indicated by the Oppo's on-screen info display for HDMI 2 and RGB FULL was indicated by my AVR for the 103's input regardless of any explicit Color Space (HDMI 2) setting I made in the Oppo's HDMI Options sub-menu (so there actually was no disagreement between the two, just a disagreement with the setting). I had previously noted that the apparent reduction of resolution of the Oppo's menus during these occurrences (despite my video display indicating 1080p input) could be eliminated by using an explicit setting of 1080p rather than the AUTO setting. So I decided to see how many of the issues occurring could be eliminated by using explicit settings. RGB video and no audio on HDMI 2 were the only 2 issues that I couldn't eliminate. The first time this occurred I thought I had reseated all the HDMI plugs (particularly on the HDMI 2 cable) without correction, but perhaps I missed one. I had once before lost audio on HDMI 2 and found that the cable (which is an Oppo supplied HDMI cable) had partially unseated itself from the AVR due to the weight and stiffness of the cable, so it was suspect and I'm sure I at least made sure it was fully seated into the plugs on both ends. Last night when this occurred I again checked to make sure it was fully seated (which it was) before I pulled it out and reseated it.
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Have there been any premature failures of the video processor on these?

Tonight I went to watch a rental disc and immediately upon loading the disc was stuttering and half the picture was digital garbage. I thought it might be an issue with the display at first or a cable or my external darbee. But I was able to run my ps3 as a backup blu ray player through the oppo's hdmi input and it played everything correctly.

I tried several discs I recently played and they all came out garbled. One strange thing though the streaming previews the disc download from online played fine.

Also Netflix via the Oppo's app played garbled too. The menu and interface load and display fine. But the streaming video itself was garbled.

I've only had my unit since March so this is a little disconcerting.

I left a message with their support.

Oh and I tried a factory reset to no avail. I already had been on the newest firmware since as soon as it had been available and had been running fine.

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Originally Posted by Bob Benson View Post
Have there been any premature failures of the video processor on these?
I left a message with their support.
No, but any electronic device can fail at any time. There are others in the OPPO threads who are expert at diagnosing setup problems. It's probably a long shot that it's your player. The calvary will arrive soon.
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^ I would try disconnecting everything except power cord and HDMI cable going directly to display.
Does it still have digital breakup? Try a different HDMI cable too. Also try a different display if you can too, as it could be the tv.
You also said a reset to default settings didn't cure it?
If all of that still yields a problem then you should contact Oppo support to see if it needs repaired.

Like htwaits said though, even the best products are going to fail sometimes.
If only 1 out of 500 units has a failure, that failure still has to fall on someone unfortunately.
The fortunate part is the Oppo has stellar customer and product support.


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When I put a Blu-ray movie in my 103 BD player, in the disc menu there is an annoying bright vertical line at the extreme left.
...Like the main disc menu is not filling my screen at 100% but at 98.5% or so.
Often it's not there from the get go, but after few minutes or so, or when in pause mode, etc. ..From standby to active to back to standby, and on the disc menu picture page and also on freeze frames. ...After few minutes.

What is that and how do I get rid of it? It is not normal because I have seven other Blu-ray players and none of them has that annoying vertical bar (not filling my screen at 100%) at the extreme left, from bottom to top.
I would love to resolve that issue; it's been present since the very beginning, more than a year.

* During normal playback all is fine. ...And everything else is ok.

I'll give a reward (kiss of love) to anyone able to help.
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