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Did I read correctly that this player offers the ability to run your Cable Box or SAT box thru the OPPO and then to the TV to utilize the video processor in the OPPO for general cable tv watching?

What would you do if you have an AVR? Do you run a second cable from the OPPO to the AVR and then to the TV

Sorry, I mistakenly started a new thread with this question. I meant for it to be added under the OPPO 103 thread.

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It happens. The AVS Moderators will likely lock this thread in a nonce. No matter, just go repost your question in the Official OPPO BDP-103 Owner's Thread.

The simple answer is yes, you can do this with the new OPPO 103/105 players, and there are folks already trying it. As a brand new feature -- and one I believe is unique to Blu-ray players of any brand at the moment -- I would expect there will be some early teething pains (i.e., bugs) that OPPO needs to work out.
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