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Originally Posted by Bill Mac View Post

That's what I thought. But I emailed Oppo and they said DSD would automatically convert to PCM.

Email response from Oppo:


DSD will be converted to PCM. HDMI 1.3a allowed for DSD over HDMI.

So if you wanted the original DSD audio, then you would need to connect with analog. Otherwise, the player will convert to PCM automatically.

Best Regards,

Customer Service

I want to add that I emailed Oppo at 5:32pm and they responded at 5:38pm. Now that's incredible service !




They must have been short staffed.

FWIW.......I think DSD from the Oppo's HDMI out will ALWAYS convert to PCM if it doesn't detect a DSD capable device at the other end.

Another FWIW.......I have listened to DSD and then switched to PCM in the OPPO's menu.....
Sounded pretty much the same to me.

A bonus of setting the Oppo's DSD output to PCM is ability to retain the DSP and Room EQ features of your AVR or Pre/Pro.

If you really want pure DSD with no PCM conversion step then, as previously mentioned, analog out is your only way for now.


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Read the FAQ!
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^ The player can not process both DSD digital audio to some outputs and LPCM digital audio to other outputs. The SACD Output settings give you a way to control how that works according to what you want to listen to and the equipment you have.

Keep in mind that the Analog outputs can always handle DSD (i.e., digital DSD sent to the DACs, which is then converted to Analog for output). On the 103 and 105, the HDMI 1 output can not handle DSD. (No such restriction in the 103D or 105D.) With both HDMI outputs connected, Split A/V mode will mute audio on the HDMI 1 output automatically, so the lack of DSD support on that output is not an issue.

For HDMI output, a connection is active if it is cabled, not Muted for audio, and the device at the other end is listening. (Some devices listen even when turned "off".) The device at the other end of an active connection may or may not accept HDMI DSD as input. That is discovered during the HDMI handshake.

If you set HDMI Audio OFF, the DSD capabilities of your HDMI devices don't matter as audio output on HDMI is muted. (The HDMI Audio AUTO, LPCM, or BITSTREAM choices are all just treated as HDMI Audio "on" for SACD playback. Instead, the SACD Output setting is the one that controls what actually gets sent out on the HDMI cable during SACD playback.)

Many HDMI devices that DO accept HDMI DSD as input immediately convert that DSD to LPCM as the first step upon input -- so no different than having the OPPO send LPCM in the first place. For devices that have the special DACs which can convert DSD directly to Analog (i.e., without first converting it to LPCM), there will be a setting the user must select to enable that. This is because no audio processing is possible when DSD input is converted directly to Analog. I.e., if you enable DSD-Direct-to-Analog conversion in the HDMI device, then you will lose all audio processing in that device. No Room Correction, no Crossover processing, no Down-mixing, no Speaker Distance adjustment, etc. The AVR will be acting like a simple pre-amp, with just Volume control.

The same thing happens in the OPPO when sending DSD to its DACs for Analog output. If DSD-Direct-to-Analog conversion is engaged, then no audio processing is possible in the OPPO. Indeed, in the 103 (and 103D) you even lose Volume control. Use SACD Output PCM if such audio processing in the OPPO is important to you.


With those capabilities in mind, the SACD Output settings work as follows (current firmware):

AUTO: Use DSD if *ALL* active outputs support DSD. Otherwise use LPCM for *ALL* outputs.

PCM: Convert DSD to LPCM for all outputs.

DSD: Use DSD for any active output that supports it. Other outputs are MUTED. Again the Analog outputs always support DSD-Direct-to-Analog conversion so they are never Muted when SACD Output DSD is selected.


You can tell if DSD output is engaged at the moment in two ways:

The Now Playing screen shown on your TV will show DSD instead of LPCM as the track type

The Front Panel display will have SACD illuminated but PCM not illuminated.

Again, you can't have a mix of DSD and PCM at the same time. So if DSD is in use, it is in use for all active outputs. Otherwise PCM is in use for all active outputs.


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Originally Posted by linger63 View Post

FWIW.......I think DSD from the Oppo's HDMI out will ALWAYS convert to PCM if it doesn't detect a DSD capable device at the other end.

If you really want pure DSD with no PCM conversion step then, as previously mentioned, analog out is your only way for now.

You thought wrong. Re-read what I previously wrote, and what Bob wrote after your reply with regards to the SACD Output setting in the 103/105 players. When playing back SACD's or .dsf/.dff audio files, HDMI audio will be muted if SACD Output is set to DSD "and" the downstream device is not capable of handling DSD audio.
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