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I had a power surge at my apartment last night that lasted several hours. I have my launch day 60GB PS3 hooked up to a Monster Power HTS 1600 protector.

Today, I turned on the PS3 and it worked fine. I popped in the new "Batman" Blu-Ray and it played fine for about 15 min. I put the movie on pause for several minutes and when I came back, the PS3 had lost connection, the controller was fast flashing red and the PS3 was fast flashing red as well. I tried rebooting the PS3 and the fan momentarily fires up, then a quick yellow light, then flashing red light.

After about 15 min, I was able to reboot the asked for a disk check....performed it....then restarted the PS3. I immediately tried watching the Blu-Ray movie again....and the same flashing red occured. And will not reboot at all.

I have never seen a Blu-Ray error brick a PS3 before, nor heard of one.

Do I have any hopes at all or just toss this thing into the garbage? And by the way....I can't get the "Batman" disc out. Blockbuster will never get it back. frown.gif
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When posting comments or questions -please post in the PS3 owner's thread.
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