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I had no problem last night with Amazon around that time. I watched the last three episodes of Season 2 of Alpha House on one of my S6200s.

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I had the S1100, and long suspected the player was adding a slight amount of artificial EE even when sending native 1080p/24fps in 'Normal' mode (i.e. no enhancements). Converting everything to 1080p/60fps was even more noticeable. I've just confirmed this by trying a Panasonic BD91, which does not add any EE and provides a smoother, more natural looking picture. This is the case whether sending 1080p/24fps natively or converting everything and sending as 1080p/60fps.

I had the same issue with the Sony S790 -- even running in so-called 'Direct' mode, though the EE was even worse than the S1100, especially when converting to 1080p/60fps. I don't know whether the new Sx200 series exhibits this or not, but it's something that -- IMO at least -- should not be there.

Many people seemed to insist that it wasn't there and that I was somehow imagining it, but I do feel I have confirmed it. For those on the fence, I would suggest avoiding the Sony players for this reason, and this is coming from someone who is biased toward Sony players, as I think their user interface, remote control, and various features and functionality are better than Panasonic's. Though I will say the build quality of the Panasonic seems quite a bit better, as it weighs nearly twice as much as the Sony.

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My apologies if someone already asked this, but there are over 3,000 posts!

I own the Sony BDP-S3100. I love it... But. For some reason if I hit pause on the movie and go away for a bit and the movie's screen saver comes up (ie Universal bouncing about as a normal DVD would do), it will not play! If you hit stop and try to go back to the movie- you can't either! Just that stupid logo bouncing about. It is driving me insane. What ends up happening is I have to go back to the Home screen, re-select the movie, have to skip through about 10 ads (seriously) and then try to remember where I left off. Am I so dumb I am missing how to get into the movie again? I mean I could be I guess.

It is also annoying that you can't re-order the list of apps on the home page. I only use a few things and would prefer them at the top.

It took me about 3 hours to get through a 2 hour movie the other day because I kept pausing and then trying to get back into the movie over and over and then having to go back home and re-select the movie. And yeah, I can't sit through a two hour movie. I have no attention span and things happen.

If this is the wrong place for these troubleshooting questions, let me know.
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Don't hit stop. I would think 'select' or 'play' would kill the screen saver without losing your place in the movie. Not that I have that much experience with the screen saver...
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If it is a Paramount movie screen saver, hit one of the color buttons to kill the screen saver and resume playing the movie. (I had to email Paramount to learn this.)

If it is the Blu-ray player, I usually hit Play and it takes a couple of seconds to start playing. (Or I might be thinking of another player. If so, then it is Power On, then hit Play. But try "Play" first, even if the power light is out. But if the TV had powered off, power that back on first before trying to get the Blu-ray player to resume.)

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Exclamation Sony BDP-BX510 - Different Firmware with Different File Playback Results

This may sound long winded but I'm afraid it's something I've been seeking from a media player for quite some time - flawless playback of Blu-ray M2TS files directly from the BDMV folder whether they have DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD audio. Media players produce unreliable results as my AIOS Media Center and KDLINKS HD720 irritatingly lost the HD Audio if I either fast forwarded, rewound or paused the movie.

I thought I'd found the perfect media player when I picked up a refurbished Sony BDP-BX510 on Ebay as I remember specifically testing the Cinavia-infected movie Battlefield: Los Angeles which played directly from the BDMV folder for over an hour with not a single hiccup! This was even before I chose to connect it to the internet. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to take note of what firmware it originally shipped with that produced these magical, unicorn-like results, so please forgive me. However, I realized after I updated to firmware M15.R.0179, that same movie would only play for 20 min and then freeze!

Now, I realize that usually the short 20 min duration is said to be due to header compression in the original files and I can remedy this problem by creating an MKV from Handbrake as long as the original movie is DTS-HD MA, because Dolby TrueHD yields a "Audio format not supported" error message. But the interesting discovery I made is when I play that same M2TS file (Akira) directly from the BDMV folder, it will play that same Dolby TrueHD track PERFECTLY, but only for 20 min and then freeze. So this leads me to believe that it is possible to play all of these files with no problems; it's just not easy figuring out what firmware version allows it.

I am in the process of returning my Sony BDP-BX510 to the seller so they can send me a replacement with older factory firmware so I can test this further. Had I never got that M2TS file to play, I'd probably be looking for that perfect, unicorn media player, but this is the closest I have ever come to my ideal movie setup. As you can see, I don't feel a need to set anything up for networking or streaming, just playing local movie files from external HDDs.

If any of you have had experience with playing M2TS files format directly from a blu-ray ripped folder with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA, please share your experiences... and firmware version!

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/\ . . I do not believe you are experiencing something that is related to cinavia because cinavia does not freeze playback after 20 minutes - it throws a message at you and mutes the audio. I also do not believe a firmware update activated cinavia in the Sony BDP-BX510, as it appears to have cinavia corrupted firmware right out of the box.

A long-time audio/video addict!
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Thanks for the response, Rich!

I apologize for the confusion but I didn't mean to infer that Cinavia was causing the issue. I know that's not the case because many other M2TS files I played that don't have Cinavia ingrained within them yielded the same results. I merely meant the movie Battlefield: Los Angeles is a Cinavia-infected title and it's the one I chose first to test before updating to see if in fact the player would block the audio. And even with the latest update, I can still play Cinavia-infected movies via MKV just fine without any issues as long as the header compression is removed by processing them first in Handbrake.

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hey all, It's been a while since i've posted. However I have a unique issue from time to time, that I can't fully seem to remedy.

When I use the remote to turn on the unit, either by power button or hitting home, the disc try opens with or without a disc in it. Can't figure out why this happens but wondered if someone knew a fix.

Model BDP 3100 connected to a panasonic 42pU1 42" plasma TV. All other functions work correctly.


In addition to the above problems, this thread no longer shows up in my subsciptions, did something happen to the thread?

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