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Originally Posted by DanF8500 View Post
^^ Your 105D's analog outputs are always active regardless if you're using the multi-ch or the 2-ch connections. The act of connecting a cable or not to the analog outputs has no effect on "break-in" time of your 105D. Just play any music thru it...
If you do not have a cable hooked to something (no load applied) not everything gets burned in as there is no or reduced current flow through some parts.
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Read the FAQ!
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Originally Posted by linger63 View Post

Could you please clarify the above.
My 105 is hooked up via XLR Analog Out DIRECT to my active ATC Mains
My volume level obviously varies with each recording but I know that at 80-85 things are REALLY humming.
I assume my XLR to XLR connection has me 6db hot.

AFAIK Oppo and my local modder (Joe Rassmussen from Custom Analogue)
are VERY happy with the performance of the onboard Volume Control

See Here.......http://www.esstech.com/PDF/digital-v...me-control.pdf
And Here...... http://www.customanalogue.com/oppo_L3.htm (scroll down to Q5 in FAQ)

What is your (esteemed) opinion??

Also Am I right in assuming that NONE of the multichannel settings will have ANY affect on my ANALOG stereo sound??

FYI.......I run HDMI 1 to HDTV....HDMI 2 to INTEGRA DHC 80.3

2 sets of XLR's.....One set from 105 stereo XLR out........ One set from INTEGRA L/R Main Out

I just switch them out at the Speaker end depending on whether I want Stereo or M/C.

Also, this 720P thing sounds VERY weird!!!! Any further thoughts?

Thank you so much,



P.S. JAMES.........Feel free to elaborate......I am asking Bob as he appears to be the Resident GURU......No disrespect.
There are two separate things here regarding the advice on Volume.

First of all, the 105 has very high quality Analog audio output Volume control. Those comments you cited refer to that. I.e., there's no problem with loss of audio "resolution" simply because you choose to use the Volume control.

However, running at low output Volume levels does reduce dynamic range. The reason is that the Analog audio output stage -- like all Analog circuitry -- has a "noise floor" which does not attenuate when you reduce the Volume. So if you dropped the Volume down *A LOT* the audio you are trying to hear would be attenuated to the point that it is much closer to the noise floor. Now when you amplify that output to compensate for the low Volume setting you are amplifying both the signal you want to hear and the noise, which or course is not a good thing when they are close.

In the 105, each step of Volume equals 1/2dB. Full output is Volume 100, and every step below that attenuates full output. So a Volume of 1 is -49.5dB below full scale. (Volume 0 is implemented as "Mute".) So you've dropped the signal you want to hear nearly 50dB closer to the noise floor. Now the noise floor in the 105 is quite a bit below that, so that's not catastrophic, but it does mean that the softest sounds in your content are closer to the noise floor than would be ideal, which means they might be masked by the noise floor. And that's the loss of dynamic range.

If you run the Analog output of the OPPO through a pre-amp, typically you would set the OPPO Volume at full scale -- i.e., Volume 100. The only reason to use a lower setting would be if you discover your pre-amp has limited "head room" on its inputs, and thus full scale output from the OPPO is clipping those inputs in higher volume passages. Even so, you'd only drop Volume in the OPPO a few dB to cure that.

For direct connection to a power amp, the recommendation is to try to target an OPPO Volume between 70 and 100 to preserve the high dynamic range the 105 is capable of. If that's too loud for comfortable listening, and you can't adjust the gain in your power amp, then you might want to consider putting some attenuators in line between the OPPO and the power amp. This is a Rule of Thumb. It does not mean that a Volume setting of, say 65 is catastrophic. It means if you commonly use Volume at 70 or above you can ignore this issue.

But if you find yourself commonly using a Volume setting of, say, 10, then you really should consider reconfiguring things, perhaps by using a pre-amp, or perhaps with in-line attenuators.


The several reports of 720p video resulting in better audio -- particularly as regards ANALOG audio output -- remain unconfirmed in my opinion. Personally, I don't hear it.

Although you can imagine design issues or bugs which might result in this, no such issue has been identified. In addition, any conjecture for what might be going on here has to account for the fact that no problems are showing up in bench tests using 1080p video. Of course it's possible such bench tests aren't testing the right thing, but most every conjecture of how this MIGHT happen runs afoul of the fact that each such presumed design flaw *SHOULD BE* visible in the bench tests.

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