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^ Using an SPL meter is not tough. Everyone uses the modestly priced digital readout meter sold by Radio Shack.

Set the meter to Slow response and "C" weighting. Hold the meter so that it is pointing straight up towards the ceiling, at seated ear height, at your center seating position. Hold it at arm's length and keep the mic tip away from reflective or blocking surfaces. If you recline your seats for viewing, use the reclined position for seated ear height. If you have high seat backs raise the meter a few inches to clear the seat back or position it a foot or so closer to your Display to get it away from the seat back. If your seating is flush to the rear wall, also move the meter forward like this to get it away from the wall.

Play the test tone track for the Left Front speaker and adjust main Volume to get a reasonable level for measurement -- usually 75dB. Leave main Volume at at level and test the other speakers and the Sub. The goal is to trim them to get the same level for all the speakers and the Sub. Note that you use the same positioning for the meter for all speakers -- i.e., you don't go put the meter in front of each speaker or even point it at each speaker. Do everything at center seating with the meter pointing straight up.

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Thx Bob....I checked oppodigital.com and they are sold out of the disc.
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Google AIX Audio Calibration Blu-ray and you can buy it direct from them.
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Originally Posted by jima4a View Post
I have read that the 105 headphone amp works on easy to medium hard to drive headphones (Absolute Sound or Stereophile) but not so good on the very high impedance versions. It has been a while since I saw that so might be difficult to find unless on line now. If headphones are a priority, a stand alone headphone DAC/amp such as Oppo's might be a better choice.
I have the Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm headphone. Prior to my Oppo 105 I used them with a Little Dot MK III tube amp and the stereo out's on my Oppo 83.

I sold the amp once I ordered the 105 as I wanted to streamline the system (removing the AVR too).

I can't help but feel the standalone amp resulted in a more enjoyable listening experience with music. I wish I had kept the amp, at least temporary, for A - B purposes, but alas.

I mainly use the headphones for late night movies and from that perspective I really don't notice any difference.

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Question first: What volumes are people using with the headphone output on their 105s?

Reason for the Question:

I just got a 105 and the PM-2 Oppo headphones, figuring these are bound to be optimally compatible. Before getting them, I had
read (surprising) comments online about people keeping the volume at 90+ levels. Then I read this[ http://wiki.oppodigital.com/index.ph..._Amplifier_FAQ ]:

"[A] volume setting of 80 is actually very good. ...When the volume is set to 100, the digital audio signal is not attenuated at all. The headphone amplifier gets the maximum input level and drives the headphones at the rated output (depending on the impedance of the headphones). If volume level 100 works for your headphones, that's the best. ...A digital volume control with access to the DAC internal data path will behave just like the analog one until it reaches the noise floor of the analog components of the DAC." The noise floor is at -135dB in the ESS Sabre DAC. It is nothing if you reduce the volume 20dB or so, which is volume level 60 on the OPPO BDP-105."

Oh okay, I thought, that makes sense and I expected the PM-2s to put out normal listening volumes somewhere between 60 and 80.
Well, maybe I'm getting too old and everything, but now that I'm set up, anything over the 105's volume setting of 50 is way too loud to listen to.
Is anybody out there actually listening at levels of 60--or 80 for that matter?
Is the implication here that the 105 is actually most suited to very hard-to-drive headphones, which the PM-2s are not?
I certainly find something unsettlingly vague (not to mention auto-translated-sounding) about the "It is nothing if you reduce the [to]volume level 60" that I cited above.
Does that necessarily imply it is "something" if I have to lower it to 45?
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I listen to my Denon ah-d5000's at anywhere from 40-75 depending on the source. Mostly 50-60 though. The Denon's are very easy to drive
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