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afurdell's Avatar afurdell 12:11 AM 03-03-2013
I'm having a bizarre problem, and I've run out of ideas. I'd love to hear yours.

PROJECTOR: Panasonic PT-AE8000U
RECEIVER: Pioneer VSX-1020

ISSUE: Any time I play a disc (DVD, 2D or 3D Blu-ray), after about five minutes the projector seems to get a garbled video signal. Sometimes it shows flickering gray and black, followed a few seconds later by the signal returning to normal; sometimes gray snow, which persists until I toggle the input on the receiver (next > previous). Sound continues to play through the receiver while the video fails.

I have some more testing that I need to do to narrow this down, but here are some things I have done:

* I tried a small LCD flat-screen in place of the projector and was not able to reproduce the problem. However, I realize now that when I did this test, the BD player was not cold, so I need to try that again.
* I turned off Viera link, but that didn't help. It was a shot in the dark, but I've had some weird issues with various other settings with this PJ.

I'm thinking the BD player is the culprit, since this doesn't happen with any other sources and only happens with the PJ when I play a disc (Netflix or video files appear to work fine). Has anybody else run into a problem like this? Any ideas?


teachsac's Avatar teachsac 06:52 AM 03-03-2013
Mods ask that all posts go in the official player thread. More than likely the problem is not the problem.

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