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10-05-2013 | Posts: 124
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I have the bp530 from LG and keep getting a small rectangular box on the top right of my tv screen with something inside it looking like an earth orb. This keeps popping up during any movie I watch, blu ray or dvd's. I can't seem to get any help from LG. One said to unplug the hdmi cables and the power for 30 seconds, but that didn't work. Another person said I will just have to live with it. Anyone else see this popping up on their player? I tried disabling bd live, partial and enable but nothing works. Thanks for any help.
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10-06-2013 | Posts: 76
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I get it as well and can't find much info on it either. I think it's related to the players connection to the Internet. I have the BP630 downstairs and last years model upstairs. My wireless router is in the same room upstairs as the player. The upstairs player was downstairs at one point and the symbol would appear all the time but now that its upstairs and nice and close to the router it doesn't appear anymore. The player downstairs gets it constantly during any movie I try to watch. That may be the issue or I can be dead wrong but I know its annoying as hell during a movie.
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10-06-2013 | Posts: 124
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Thanks, if that's the case is there any way to turn off the wireless? Maybe I could reset the player and not do a wireless setup. I don't use any apps any way, just use it for the updates. But then again it might start searching for the internet anyway and the icon may pop up again. I will try it and see.
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10-22-2013 | Posts: 1
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I just ordered a BP330 to replace an old rarely-updated player that I've been having trouble with, and I'm wondering... do I have to use the included Nero software to set up the DLNA, or will the player pick up on any media server I've got running?

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10-30-2013 | Posts: 106
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My TV is 240hz, should I turn my LG Blu ray player to output 24hz or 60hz?

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11-09-2013 | Posts: 67
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Is anyone else having a problem with subtitles embedded in MKV files?

My BP530 plays mkv files fine, but isn't displaying subtitles. At least not most of the time. It senses that the subtitles are there, and I can choose the different subtitle tracks in the options menu, but they don't display.

According to MediaInfo, this is the format of the subtitles that are not working:

Text #1
ID : 4
Format : VobSub
Muxing mode : zlib
Codec ID/Info : The same subtitle format used on DVDs
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No

These subtitles show up fine in Windows Media Player, XBMC, and a WDTV Live box. I was hoping to replace the WDTV with the BP530, but because of this problem I may have to abandon that notion.

This is the format of subtitles that do work (from a different MKV file):

ID : 3
Format : UTF-8
Codec ID : S_TEXT/UTF8
Codec ID/Info : UTF-8 Plain Text
Title : CC
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No

I tried exporting the VobSub tracks to external format .sub and .srt files, but the player doesn't recognize either one.
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11-10-2013 | Posts: 67
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I checked with LG Support and they stated that only external .srt files with the same name as the MKV will work. I was finally able to get the external .srt to work - I used mkvtoolnix extract to generate the external .sub/.idx files, then Subtitle Edit to convert the .sub to .srt. Easy enough, but still a hassle to have to do this.

I'm also having problems now getting Private Sound to work. When I first installed the player private sound and the LG AV 3 remote app worked (on both Android and iPad). I tried again a couple of weeks later and the sound quality was very choppy, but the wifi network was busy at that time so I decided to test again later. The next time I checked neither remote device will recognize the player. LG Support told me to reinstall the apps (which I did) and to initialize the player to factory settings. After all that the remotes still won't recognize the player, so LG Support told me to have the unit replaced by the retailer. That sounds a little suspicious to me as everything else is working.

FYI, other features of this player work fine. The only other complaint I have is that it doesn't remember the last position for USB playback, but it's easy enough to jump to any position using the Options menu. The Netflix app plays with good quality but the navigation is poor compared to Apple TV.
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11-25-2013 | Posts: 1
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Just picked up a BP330, mostly because of the reviews on Amazon, plus they had it on sale for $55 and Best Buy price matched it.  But after getting it setup, am having a problem with the range of the remote.  Within 6 ft all works fine, at 7 ft is like the battery is dead, and yes I replaced the brand new battery with another new battery and same results.  LG online chat is shut down for the night, any suggestions?

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11-29-2013 | Posts: 1
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Hi all,


I'm in Australia and recently purchased a BP530 to give the PS3 some relief but also to be able to play files streamed over my network. When it works, it works good!


The problem is I have many NAS Servers, PCs, FritzBox Router, SONOS amplifiers etc. When I switch on the BP530, if I am lucky enough to get the server I want in the first 4 shown (and it doesn't seem consistent how it shows them - in ascending IP order or anything) at the bottom of the screen then I can select it and no problems.


If the server I want is not in the first 4 then I (presumably) select the 'MORE' button but then the system appears to 'hang' eventually necessitating a forced-reboot (I yank the power cord out) and this cycle continues until the server I want appears in the first 4.


I am on the latest firmware according to the device's update function. Why does the system hang or how can I guarantee that the servers I am most likely to view are in the first 4 listed?

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12-18-2013 | Posts: 1
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Originally Posted by Mark_Venture View Post

thanks for the suggestion, but I already have a PC with 4 - 2TB drives acting as my media server. I was hoping to find a "good" software DLNA server to run on it if I have to get a new Bluray player that doesn't allow playing the files across network shares like my older LG's. is a good product. use this for my older sony s570 which doesnt support much in the way of formats past divx and rough mkv support...its only network support is dlna. give this one a whirl

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01-05-2014 | Posts: 3
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Just bought LG BP530 and found a few problems. Please let me know if you have some solutions.


1. I was expecting to be able to play media files (avi, mkv...) off my network share drive (mostly from Synology DS212j NAS), but this doesn't seem to work for this model based on the discussions in this thread. I read in some other threads that LG blu-ray players are able to do this. My Synology NAS has a DLNA server, but there is no SMI external subtitle support. I watch a lot of foreign movies with SMI subtitle, so this is a must-have. Why did LG stop supporting this feature? Any work around? In general, I don't want to use DNLA stuff.


2. I also notices that most of my movies, when I play them off NAS (through DLNA), there is glitches in sound. So basically the sound stops for a fraction of a second. This happens pretty often (every 1 minute). I think it's not network problem is the video doesn't stop or anything and I am running it through wired gigabit LAN. Does anybody see the same problem?


The only reason I bought this player is to play videos off NAS, so this is very frustrating. I was almost buying WD TV thing, but I thought it would be nice to have blu-ray too :)

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01-06-2014 | Posts: 103
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LG removed the SMB streaming feature of shared files in 2012 when they renamed their players from BD to BP. So there is unfortunately no other way than using a DLNA software for network streaming.

With best regards, maris
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01-06-2014 | Posts: 3
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Thank you, Maris. This is disappointing...

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01-12-2014 | Posts: 2
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recently purchased an LG BP330 and when i play a blu-ray, the picture will go black for anywhere from one to four seconds then back to normal. this happens randomly but often. changed out hdmi cable and checked for software updates--no help. anyone experience same?
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01-13-2014 | Posts: 2
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dbe425 & Sherrin


Is any of you successful in getting WiFi going reliably?


I bought a BP630 recently and have a next to a non existent WiFi connection. 99/100 I have no connection but when I do, I have a strong connection on the 5GHz band, which is great. I "upgraded" to the latest firmware on the LG support site which turned out to be a downgrade. LG support call center is of no use and not willing to share a link to the newer firmware I had installed. I tried all options and did the standard routine like rebooting router, resetting the player to defaults etc. I even used my tricks I have for my old LG player (BD390) like opening up specific ports in my router to check internet availability and so on. Every time I try to connect I do not get past the password screen.

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01-13-2014 | Posts: 76
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I have the BP530 and the BP630C. The 530 is downstairs with my 55LA7400. The WiFi on it works perfectly with at least a 70%signal strength at all times. The 630 is upstairs in my game room with the router but WiFi stopped working about two months ago. Sometimes it shows my network sometimes it doesn't. When it does, all I can do is enter the password like you stated. Then it just craps out back to a previous screen. I still had time on the year warranty but labor was only for 90 days so LG wanted $80 bucks just for me to send it to them with the possibility of it being more money. To be honest though, my 620 stopped working around the same time I bought the Net Gear Night Hawk Router. Gonna drag out the Ethernet cable and see if I can work some magic. Let know how things go for you.
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01-14-2014 | Posts: 2
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Ok, let’s share some data. Currently I am on firmware BD2.800.30806.C. I had BD2.800.30829.C. My router is a dual band Netgear WNDR4300.


With the BD390 I had, the solution was to open (forward) port 32768 to the player. The BD390 used that port to verify internet and network connection/availability.


Some suggestions to improve connectivity for the BD390 include the use of specific wireless channels (1,2,5,6,7,8,10 yes, other channels no connection). I know that exclusive European channels did not work on the BD390. Someone else suggested lowering the fragmentation en RTS threshold to 2304 (common default is 2346).


Out of principle I disabled uPnP on my router. I will play around with that one later, however the player should connect to the router first so I expect this is no sullution to the connection issue.

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01-23-2014 | Posts: 4
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hi, Im a new member to AVS forums.

i own (only recently) a LG BP430 bluray player (nov2013 model, latest firmware 2014 (Netherlands)).

On the whole i am satisfied with this player, BUT...

I found out that it does not play MKV's with TrueHD audiotrack (error "unsupported audio") from DLNA or usb-HDD. It does however play mkvs with DTS-HD-MA or DTS-HR audiotracks.

On a retail BD it does support both dts-hd-ma as wel as TrueHD. On the TruHD mkv it does also not downmix but gives no sound and doesnot change to a second dd audio commentary tarck as well, which IS on the mkv. This is two versions of mkv Star Trek The moiton Picture (1979). Will test further TrueHD vids. Nope, other truehd vid mkv did not work audio as well.


I use Conceiva Mezzmo DLNA server streaming SW, as the supplied Nero MH4 essentails gave errors on my Win7-x64 system.


Does anybody else have this issue? Maybe it just supports TrueHD from Bluray Discs?

Can't find any info on dlna supported audio-decoders/formats other than the audio-filetypes (mp3, wav, etc.)


Also, the machine 'hangs' quite often when shutting down with remote button on the home screen. The tvscreen stays white and the 'menu' item on the  LED Display stays lit.

have to pull the power plug quite often, which is annoying.


I live in Netherlands, so corresponding model/firmware.




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01-25-2014 | Posts: 1,489
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Does any of these play Netflix 3d titles?
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01-27-2014 | Posts: 1
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We are leaving in France. During a trip last week, we bought a BP530 in the USA last week but unfortunately, jetlagged, we made a wrong move and connected the player directly on 220 V instead of 110 V and of course, the power supply went off. We would like to buy a new power supply in France but BP530 is not sold here. Do you know if any of the other models, potentially sold in France, have the same power supply (or do you know the reference of the power supply)? We could then find it here and change it. Thanks a bunch, any help will be really appreciated.

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01-30-2014 | Posts: 35
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Can anyone please take a photo of the subtitles (external .SRT) as they are shown on TV about 42 inches?

Want to see the quality of font rendering and colour.


Questions about the 630:


1) Does it support FLAC with album art embedded ?

2) Does it support FLAC gapless playback ?


You can test FLAC getting the files here


3) Can you configure your subtitles "on-the-fly" while playing the MKV or MP4, by delaying it or forwarding it a few seconds if necessary?

4) Can you make font subtitle bigger or smaller?








Answering my own questions since I got the player.


The player does not support gapless playback, however, the gap is less than one second, pretty fast. UI is very responsive and it immediately switches from one song to another. Reads FLAC at 24/192 resolution too. The fact that the gap is really short, I can cut some slack to LG.


Album art is not supported in any FLAC, MP3 or AAC file - neither embedded or external. This is out of the box. I will try to work something out to find out if I am missing something in this respect, like filesize of album art or such things.


External subtitles are configurable when you are playing the movie. You can synchronize their time or make them smaller or bigger. Just hit Options while playing the MKV. I thought this feature was missing since it is mentioned no where in the world. Glad to see it's there.

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03-04-2014 | Posts: 4
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i bought a LG BP360 blu Ray player yesterday, took it home connected to my wifi (no problems) and started viewing.

About 8 houtrs later, whilst watching a film on Netflix, it froze. I managed to figure that the wifi connection had gone and now i cant get it to re-connect, even though it finds my router in the initial set up . Ive done a factory reset, to no avail.


Any ideas as to why it would initially be ok, they stop. Its not even 1 day old?

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03-04-2014 | Posts: 4,550
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I can find no info on your player. I can find a BD360 and BP630, but not a BP360.

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03-04-2014 | Posts: 4
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Oops sorry, thats a typo. Model is BP630

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03-04-2014 | Posts: 4
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Sorry, forgot to mention, it did do an update of the software, but worked ok for a while, then just stopped. I dont know if thats important or not?

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04-04-2014 | Posts: 35
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i bought a LG BP360 blu Ray player yesterday, took it home connected to my wifi (no problems) and started viewing.

About 8 houtrs later, whilst watching a film on Netflix, it froze. I managed to figure that the wifi connection had gone and now i cant get it to re-connect, even though it finds my router in the initial set up . Ive done a factory reset, to no avail.


Any ideas as to why it would initially be ok, they stop. Its not even 1 day old?


Check your router first. The first thing I may think it is that if you´re using DHCP, a computer may have been assigned to the blu-ray player IP address or there are no available DHCP slots. 


Your router should be on IP - this is the gateway of your home net.

The computers in your house may or may not be configured to use a determined IP within your network range.

Usually in my home, I reserve 8 IP addresses. I set my PC to, other notebook, wireless printer. I have manually set the blu-ray player to, so it is always this IP and no device can take it (check which devices are taking up your DHCP slots).


In the player, you manually adjust to the same IP it should be receiving data. Set gateway to what the router is on (ex. Set broadcast to, set the DHCP IP that you reserved on the DHCP reserve list (say, Then set the DNS servers your router is using to communicate to the internet. Usually you can find these numbers within the router web configuration or you can issue a command in Windows prompot (ipconfig /all) and it will list DNS Servers (usually 2 numbers).


Check your DLNA after this. Install some DLNA server on PC and try to make the blu ray communicate to the device. Usually it detects in no time. Try streaming videos and music over the wireless net. If this works, your setup is just fine.


Netflix: After trying all the manual config - check your netflix subscription or if your internet provider is blocking content or applying tricks to netflix traffic (it happens when there is no net neutrality laws in the state). Test netflix on the computer to make sure it is not the player.


Usually the same problems I had with Netflix in the player, I had in the computer (subtitles delayed, image blurring, bad encoding of movies). So it had nothing to do with the BP630.


After all fails, test a wired cable connection. Only then test another router. 

Hope you can work this out.

Good luck.

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04-12-2014 | Posts: 32
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It worked fine - and stopped suddenly. When I go to settings - no networks are displayed. I know that my wireless is strongly present in that area - as I can see it on other devices.

Any ideas what to do? How to reset - or whatever????
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05-25-2014 | Posts: 1
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I´m at Brazil and experiencing same issue here. I bought my LG Blu-Ray BP630 and connected it to my wifi network. Watch some youtube videos nicely. Then I connected to my Netflix account. It works for about 1 and a half month.

Then, when I try to connect with Netflix, it shows Menu, show available movies etc. When I select a movie to begin, it show error. Then lose wifi connection and does not connect anymore.

Once i restart BP630 and wifi router, and it worked again... till i connect to netflix. Everything goes down again.

It´s strange that only Netflix access scramble everything (but netflix works fine in any PC/iPad in my house, so the problem its not netflix, but the BP630).

Another symptom, is that when netflix error occurs, it does not recognise or "see" any wifi network SSID around. and in my build has at least 4 with good coverage conditions wifi networks.

Sometimes it shows the network SSID but does not accept the connection password.


Does anybody have a clue?


Thanks in advance.




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06-23-2014 | Posts: 35
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@Artek & @paludo


Is your router broadcasting its SSID ? If not, turn on broadcasting again in its webconfig.
Also, try entering your SSID and password all manually.
Do not rely entirely on automatic configuration.
Automatic routines do not cover all problem scenarios.

On Netflix, I would believe it is an external issue, not the player.
Make sure you have enough bandwidth, about at least 7 to 10 Mbit.
Make sure you are not getting interference on your wireless network.
Make sure you test the player with cable connection as well.

It is hard to give a Netflix diagnosis since the service relies on so many factors to work well.
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06-24-2014 | Posts: 6
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I hope this is the right place for this presumably simple question:

I have a LG BP330 Blu Ray Player connected via HDMI to an LG TS913ES 5.1 Surround System. Are these machines capable of playing 24/96 and/or 24/192 Khz audio files at their full capacities? The files themselves play via the USB input on the player, but I have no way of knowing for sure whether the quality is as it should be. And if not the simple USB option, can the files be used properly burned to a dvd, etc...?
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