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Gunzzz's Avatar Gunzzz 11:41 AM 03-24-2013
I only seem to be getting PL 2 when playing with this new setup into my Denon 1803. It's an older amp but never had a problem before with my Oppo DVD player and older TV when I just used a digital audio out direct from the DVD player to the amp. Now with the blu ray the amp only ever shows PL2. No problems with cable or Netflix. Since the amp does not have any HDMI connections, all HDMI go into the back of my Sony HX850, and then an optical cable goes from the TV to the amp.

Interestingly enough, when a DTS signal is on the blu ray, it shows so on the player menu but for some reason the amp shows PL2. I played around with a bunch of the setting on the Panasonic but to no avail. Any ideas appreciated. Picture quality is spectacular btw...

Gunzzz's Avatar Gunzzz 11:44 AM 03-24-2013
Sorry I meant to post this in the Panasonic BDT 220 Forum. Maybe the mods could move it since there does not seem to be any edit functions. Thanks.
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 01:47 PM 03-24-2013
Not sure if that TV will pass DD5.1/DTS from an HDMI input out the optical. Many do, but some models don't. You could try connecting your player directly to your receiver to find out. Regardless, in the panny settings, you'll want to enable DD5.1 and DTS, turn on bitstream, and possibly turn off BD mix. That should do it.
Foxbat121's Avatar Foxbat121 04:08 PM 03-24-2013
Actually, most TVs pass nothing but 2.0 PCM from HDMI to optical. Your best bet is not using TV as a HDMI switcher unless you are absolutely sure your TV can pass DD 5.1/DTS to optical. Try optical out from player to amp directly and you will know for sure.
Gunzzz's Avatar Gunzzz 01:09 PM 03-25-2013
Thanks for the help, the extra cable worked great. I'm not sure why my cable box gives me DD using the optical out of the TV but it all works now as it's supposed to.
Foxbat121's Avatar Foxbat121 10:24 AM 03-26-2013
Most Cablebox ignore EDID info from the TV and force DD 5.1 through if you enabled DD. Even that is a lucky strike for you because for a lot of TVs, like all my Panasonic TVs, they won't pass DD or DTS through to optical even if you force it. But apparently your Sony does but still setup EDID on HDMI to say it only accepts PCM 2.0.
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