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jalbregts's Avatar jalbregts 11:07 AM 03-28-2013
I have an Oppo BDP 93. A couple of firmware upgrades ago I started running into an issue and I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this. My Oppo is running through a Rotel RSX 1560. When I'm watching TV through my DirectTV receiver, and want to switch to the DVD, if the Oppo is already turned on and I switch to that input, I don't receive video or audio through my system (just a black screen). If I turn my Oppo off then on again, it will work. Obviously that's a pain so I don't want to have to do that.

I haven't changed anything on my Rotel so I don't know if it's a Rotel issue or an issue with one of my previous Oppo firmware upgrades. Has anyone else experienced this with either the Rotel or Oppo?

teachsac's Avatar teachsac 11:40 AM 03-28-2013
Welcome to AVS. Mods ask that posts go in the official player thread.

jalbregts's Avatar jalbregts 12:08 PM 03-28-2013
ok. DIdn't know there was one. ....although it may not be an Oppo issue. Is there a Rotel RSX 1560 thread, too?
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