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useduser's Avatar useduser 01:01 PM 04-21-2013
does anybody know how you update the latest firmware (whatever it is?) screen prompt says to go to setup/ settings, but when i try to go to setting i just get an empty wallpaper screen and cant proceed. What a piece of S%#$! Thx panasonic......Ive had this piece of garbage a whole two months, and i fear it will end up in a chinese e-waste landfill....maybe i should send it back to panasonic corporate headquarters.

b curry's Avatar b curry 01:37 PM 04-21-2013

Normally, you can down load the up-date from the manufacturer's web site.


It could be a direct down load via the Internet to the player in question or a down load to your computer and then burn to a CD/DVD or load to a stick drive for up-dating the player; it depends on your machine which you haven't bothered to share the model number.



The best place to start is to open and read your owner's manual.  I have yet to see a manufacture who does not outline the up-date procedure in the owners manual.



Assuming that your comment "What a piece of S%#$! Thx panasonic" implies that you own some sort of Panasonic machine, you could also go to Panasonic Support, I've included a link for your convenience, enter your model number and follow the instructions that Panasonic gives you.


Here's the link:  http://shop.panasonic.com/support/?selectedTopNavId=nav10&support=y


Or, as you suggest, you could just send it direct to a "Chinese e-waste land fill or Panasonic's corporate headquarters for disposal.



BillP's Avatar BillP 08:09 PM 04-21-2013
You will get more help if you post in the dedicated thread of the player you own. You should also read the instruction manual (firmware upgrades are very easy if connected to the internet; if not, you can go to the Panny website and download the firmware to a disc). Have you successfully established an internet connection (are you wireless or wired)?
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