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05-18-2013 | Posts: 37
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I bought the Samsung Bluray player BD-F5500, I accidentally saw the specifications thorough web and I didn't notice the Audio Decoding Output (Dolby/DTS Decoding Channel) has only 2 Channel frown.gif I'm also having my Onkyo 626 with Polk Audio Blackstone tl600 to complete my home theather set-up.

My question is, If Im going to watch a bluray disk movie (dts 5.1 or 7.1) connected to my Onkyo TX-NR626+polk audio blackstone, does will give a surround sound after all the audio output in bluray is 2 channel only? Need help..
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07-29-2013 | Posts: 37
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please I need your reply
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10-18-2014 | Posts: 6
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I have a Samsung BD-F5500 and an Onkyo 616 receiver.

So I mainly listen using Unprocessed Bitstream audio on the BD player but my question relates to PCM. My understanding is that PCM would mean that the BD player does the audio processing and sends audio in uncompressed (multi-channel) to the receiver, which then does not need to do any further processing.

My problem is that, regardless of the bd disc's original audio format, when I set the bd player to PCM audio my Onkyo received reports that it receives "PCM 2.0" (over HDMI). Even if the source is 5.1 or more channels.

Upon further investigation it turns out that if you look at page 12 of the BD Player's Manual there is a table that shows that PCM audio output will basically always be at PCM 2.0 ch. Which means that the PCM audio processing of the bd player removes the intended content.

(I can't link the manual, forum rules don't allow newbies to post links )

Now, when I listen using PCM (which comes in at 2.0) I still hear distinct sounds coming from my Surround speakers, but this may just be the matrixing at work. Is this correct? Or is there some un-understandable arcane way in which all channels are properly transported over the PCM 2.0 input signal?

My sense is that I now have two options with this player:
* Get the proper audio WITHOUT bonusview/navigation using Bitstream Unprocessed, OR
* Have the bonusview/navigtion audio but LOSE THE AUDIO MULTICHANNEL details through the PCM 2.0 signal.

Am I right? This sucks!

Please let me know if I'm missing something here.
If it turns out the the BD-F5500 cannot deal properly with multi-channel audio, people should know...
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11-02-2014 | Posts: 1
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I live in Belgium and would like to change the country on my Samsung BD-F5500.

I tried FF 289 RW but nothing happens.

Any idea how to do this on this Samsung Bluray player ?

Many thanks,

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