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Gurt 07-25-2013 07:46 AM

Hi guys,

I have been lurking mainly on the LCD and font projector sections of the forum as they are my main passion.
I have been watching movies for years both regular and 3D using my trusty old PS3 and I love it. It keeps updating all the time, easy to use and has been nothing but reliable for me.

I wanted to ask you, why do you invest in fancy blu-ray players (I am talking movies here, I care less about music) if you can get everything on a PS3? regular, 3D, updates, ease of use, reliability AND you can also game from time to time cool.gif
I am really interested in knowing because if I am missing something I may just add a second blu-ray player to my system, just need to understand.
Is the PS3 inferior as player? 99% of the time I play new BD movie releases.

Thank you! I know it is a very basic question, one that the answer for escapes me...


teachsac 07-25-2013 08:31 AM

There are already several threads on this topic using the search function:

Why Should I Buy an Oppo:


What is So Special About a $500 Player:


You could also use the Help Me Choose a Player thread.


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