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post #7591 of 7599 Old 07-24-2015, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Russ Rubman View Post
Just got a BDP-103D.
Seems that it does not stream ISO files :-(
Is there a fix or mod for that by any chance?

Most of my movie files are in ISO format and I was hoping that the Oppo would do it all.

I apologize if this has already been discussed here but I would appreciate the advice if anyone knows of a workaround.

go to ebay. search for "jailbreak oppo" the $90. enjoy your new found freedom of being able to stream your blu ray iso files from a nas in all their glorious splendor..
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Originally Posted by paligap View Post
I got my XBOX-360 HD-DVD external player and used MakeMKV to rip a couple of movies to the hard drive on my PC. I really struggled trying to find a free media player that would push a movie to my Oppo, but I settled on Kodi (XBMC). I tested a movie, and it looked and sounded good, but I think the Dolby TrueHD was converted to MLP 5.1 somewhere. It was really just a test to see if I was ripping the movies correctly.
Actually, when I checked the input on my receiver, it was Dolby TrueHD. So far, so good.

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Hi, I really like my bdp 103d player why is the subtitle zoom still too small. I have srt files with my media files. I have done the subtitle adjustment feature and put it to size 3 and color yellow and it is still too small. Could there be a firmware update in the future that could increase more than that. In xbmc I have the subtitle size to 36 and that works for me. I really hope this could be added this is the best blu-ray/media player out there. I contacted oppo a few months back with this issue and they said maybe in the future but not guaranteed. Because of this Issue I have to use xbmc which allows me to zoom the subtitle as big as I want it. Is firmware support for this player dead?. Will I have to wait for bdp 113 for this?

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Originally Posted by megamanwilson View Post
Hi, I really like my bdp 103d player
One thread at a time, please.


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I have been looking at changing things in our room and thought an Oppo was the way to go and now I am thoroughly confused!

Currently we use a Pioneer 3D player for 3D movies only and a Dune player for playback of all files on my 40TB server with our collection (all items are in mkv form).

I want one player for all of this if possible.

Pioneer does a great job for 3D playback but cannot do squat for our media collection. Dune player is great for media playback but not 3D. At one time the Dune player had a good media solution in Yadis (not a fan of Zappiti) but that is not supported anymore and it works like crap for me now (many, many missing items).

My question is can the Oppo handle all my needs including a quality media solution like Yadis, My Movies etc.

We use Plex for everything else in the house and like it a lot. I do not want to go that road in the family room as I want the best picture and sound I can get for projecting on our 120" (soon to be 135") screen.

Reading through here has me all baffled as to what the Oppo can do and not do now.

Also I use Makemkv for all of my rips but own DVDFab as well.

TIA for your help.


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Hi Guys,

i do not know if this is the right place but i would appriciate your assistance.

i am currently viewing my remux's (mkv) via an HTPC (KODI) to a OPTOMA HD25-LV projector, projected to a 106" screen.
i have a feeling that my HTPC is a "bottle-neck" in my chain when refering to the picture quality. i am seriously thinking of getting the OPPO 103D for maximizing the PQ.

what do you think? should the OPPO be a big improvment to a HTPC?

anyone with OPPO 103 & OPTOMA HD25-LV combination here?

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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Originally Posted by yanivkin View Post
what do you think? should the OPPO be a big improvment to a HTPC?
I think it depends on the HTPC in question and the video card it has.
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Originally Posted by GCS View Post
My question is can the Oppo handle all my needs including a quality media solution like Yadis, My Movies etc.
Not to my knowledge. I am hoping that MyMovies would add full support for the oppo - see feature request here.


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Pandora code for universal remotes?

I just added the BDP-103D to my HT a few days ago. One question I had was whether there's a way to start up Pandora without needing to look at the screen. The reason I ask is that my only display is a projector, and I'd rather not fire up the whole system just to find where the Pandora button is. I know I could just memorize where it is and select it (I believe it's down one, over two or something like that) but it'd be great to have a button on the remote - similar to the Netflix button - that just launches Pandora.

I also have the Android app, so if there were a way to do it from that, I'd be happy with that solution as well.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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