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foraye's Avatar foraye 01:30 PM 03-07-2013
This is the Jamestown Screen going together. The instructions have pictures and was easy to follow...I just skipped a step here and there.

Specs. 129" X 55" or 140" diag. 2.35:1. I ordered and stressed 140" wide, so 140" diag. will do.

It came loosely packed, but nothing was damaged. All major items were wrapped in plastic nicely.

The Top, bottom and sides had the 3/4" aluminum tubing already attached. this is nice as it keep the wood from bowing etc. The top and bottom rails are split to allow for standard shipping. the screw holes for mounting the side bars are pre-drilled, but the holes for the center reinforcement bars are not. You have to pick a spot and go for it.
I did this assembly first leaving everything loose....and things lined up.

This is the corner assembly.

foraye's Avatar foraye 02:11 PM 03-07-2013
Next I laid down the Seymour fabric. The Fabric is a lot more resilient than I thought. Jamestown had notched around the screw holed and it all lined up. I had my fingers crossed!
So first over the retaining rail,

Then under...and stretch while tightening everything. The stretching went well and didnt take a lot of time . I did an initial stretch then a final adjustment.

Hung it on the place of the old screen...i couldn't resist

foraye's Avatar foraye 02:17 PM 03-07-2013
My only real problem was with the center supports. The are a bit too long (3/16" - 1/4" or so). I forced them in but it caused the top halves to become misaligned. I'm in the process of removing them and cutting them to size. I also have not cut the screen material tabs off yet. I'll wait until final mounting to do that
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