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semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 09:31 AM 03-04-2010
After reading through a good deal of these threads and getting some good ideas if I were to do it again, I just wanted to share my "man cave" with you all in hopes that at the least it could give others some ideas or "ah hah" moments.

The room consists of a pool table area, theater area, and bar; completely unique right? Here's how it started, new home with an unfinished basement.
This is the view from standing in the pool table area, looking first into the theater area (middle) where the tv (sorry, no screen) will be placed in the niche on the right side, then on the far end of the room, the bar. The small room to the left is the sump pump room, which will be disguised as a wine cellar:

Still in the pool table area, looking at the theater niche:

In the bar looking the other way to the pool table area:

HT1's Avatar HT1 09:55 AM 03-04-2010
Man how I wish I could go back to the day my basement looked like that!!! Or in other words, If I new then what I know now. Question, if you are playing pool or sitting at the bar, are you going to be able to see the "TV" in the niche? Keep us posted on the progress and have fun!!!
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 10:28 AM 03-04-2010
What are you talking about? I just saw your thread, looks great!

I did goof up the wording a bit, mine is after the fact also, just taking some time to find some of the pics... The tv is viewable from both ends, the niche won't be the greatest for front speaker placement (still have not done that), but it's a compromise I had to make for an "overall" room. I was trying like crazy to fit a 9' table, but that would have meant no theater.
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 11:15 AM 03-04-2010
The following 2 pics show a similar view from the first post - standing in the billiard area and looking toward the theater and bar:

So you'll notice that yes, if you are standing very near the tv wall, you won't be able to view the tv. The angles on the niche aren't very sharp, so you only have to move a foot or two away form the wall to see the picture.

I have installed a flexible, PVC like, hose that goes from the back wall of the niche to the far right back cabinet of the bar for components. I have run the usual HDMI, an IR repeater that sits behind the clear glass part of the tv bezel, and a subwoofer cable that would exit at floor level below the tv. Thought being that I would end up cutting/modifying a small to medium sized ottoman, place it inside there etc. I may just end up moving to a wireless subwoofer though for better placement, thoughts?
cuzed2's Avatar cuzed2 11:58 AM 03-04-2010
This is a beautiful space - well done!

HT1's Avatar HT1 01:01 PM 03-04-2010
Nice job, the TV in the niche isn't bad at all after seeing the pictures. How about some close ups of the bar?
Remax's Avatar Remax 01:21 PM 03-04-2010
You have that nice beautiful basement and you only included two finished photos? Shame on you. I think everyone would like to see the bar and a few more of the rest of the room.
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 01:37 PM 03-04-2010
Thanks! Sorry, I was getting to the bar, but got busy!

First I wanted to show the seating area, typically the seats are arranged in an "X" pattern, though when we want to fit 4 for a movie we turn them all around and form a slightly curved seating area facing the picture (2 shown put together here):

It's fairly washed out with all the lights and flash on, but you all know how that goes. (52" also.)

On to the bar. Main shots:

Used a 2x6 wall for the bar; with only 1 adjoining wall, I believe anything smaller would not have been sturdy (in my case at least), it's nailed into the concrete.

Gotta go with the copper sink right?

Ice maker and fridge and apparently limes :

Wiring management what?

No speakers or components yet.
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 02:43 PM 03-04-2010
Back wall of the theater (am I allowed to call it that if I don't have a PJ?) area:

Soffit is for HVAC. The left rear surround is wired to the space in between the 2 doors on the right. Tough choice, but that's where it had to go. The other surround is wired to the other side of the hallway (actually in the billiard area). So now I bet you're wondering what the heck I'm using - yes, in-walls. I was really set on in-walls that have back-boxes but honestly, for the price of some cheap brand names without back boxes, I will try them first. Please don't kill me.

The door on the far right of the pic above is to the sump room:

Tasty sump pump:

cuzed2's Avatar cuzed2 04:16 PM 03-04-2010
So the sump pump is hidden inside the barrel?
If so very clever and original!!
HeyNow^'s Avatar HeyNow^ 05:42 PM 03-04-2010
Farking awesome! Nice work! I love the bong pic (just kidding)....I want it!
Javatime's Avatar Javatime 07:11 PM 03-04-2010
Awesome job. Great looking bar and cabinetry. OK, now I want a wine barrel!
The Incident's Avatar The Incident 03:31 AM 03-05-2010
Wow! Looks fantastic. Very tastefully done. It looks like an awesome place to hang out with a nice bottle of wine and smoke a peace pipe.
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 08:55 AM 03-05-2010
Thanks all, I enjoy the comments.

Yes, the sump pump is underneath the barrel. I had to notch out the back and bottom of it as the pipes of course come up out of the pump and straight into the wall. One thing to keep in mind for any potential barrel users; since they will likely be dry for some time when you get it, the wood will have shrunk and become loose. The metal bands really only hold it together when the wood is wet and swollen. I had to pre-drill and screw about 100 screws into the bands before I could even think about cutting the notch.

Boy, I can't wait to retire and enjoy a nice bottle and, uh, a smoke...
twinkiestar's Avatar twinkiestar 09:37 AM 03-08-2010
the cabinet (bar and the wall cabinet) look very nice, can you reveal the details on how do you build them, or what brand you used?

bhuttman's Avatar bhuttman 09:53 AM 03-08-2010
Originally Posted by HeyNow^ View Post

Farking awesome! Nice work! I love the bong pic (just kidding)....I want it!

Too slow to be the first to comment on that pic...

I like that sitting area - probably great for entertaining. Nice work! When are you installing the in-walls?
semi-noob's Avatar semi-noob 01:56 PM 03-08-2010
Originally Posted by twinkiestar View Post

the cabinet (bar and the wall cabinet) look very nice, can you reveal the details on how do you build them, or what brand you used?


They were ordered from Home Depot and are Kraft Maid brand. They pretty much are a modular design; you can order them by the cabinet. They of course come in all different shapes/sizes, so you just put them together to meet your dimensions and fill in either (or both) end that touches the wall with a filler piece of trim/wood.

Originally Posted by bhuttman View Post

Too slow to be the first to comment on that pic...

I like that sitting area - probably great for entertaining. Nice work! When are you installing the in-walls?

Yeah, the circle of chairs is really great for conversation. Funny you ask, as I originally stated, I wanted in-walls with back-boxes; since the cost was a little high I ended up deciding to purchase them in stages and do it little by little. WAF (and mine) is at 0% right now since she has a potential lay-off coming. Right before we got the news I even decided to go with some inexpensive brand name in-walls with no back-boxes, but appropriately, that's on hold too. I'll try them first and if I don't like them, move up the chain.
bhuttman's Avatar bhuttman 02:14 PM 03-08-2010
I went in-wall and I'm loving them. The kids can't knock them over, my wife doesn't complain about those ugly black boxes, and they take up no space at all!
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