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Kytrell87's Avatar Kytrell87 12:23 AM 01-24-2012

I am new to the home audio game. I already have a Yamaha HTR-5230 (Yeah, I know.... OLD) AVR and KLH Bookshelf Speakers and a 12'' Sony Powered Sub.

I am looking to upgrade my Home Audio. I love the sound and features of Yamaha's New 71 series. I was thinking of going with the RX-V671 from my new AVR. As far as Bookshelf Speakers, I was thinking about Energy CB-10 for fronts and rears and the CC-10 for the Center Channel. Going to keep the Sony 12'' Powered Sub. Love the Bass it already kicks out. Plus im not trying to spend more than about 1200-1500 for the AVR and new Speakers.

Do you guys think this is a good set up as far as the AVR and Speakers go?? Open to ideas.

I am REALLY OPEN as far as speakers go for the make and model I should go with. I heard Energy is REALLY good tho, plus I was suckered into hearing them in Best Buy.


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jayn_j's Avatar jayn_j 06:54 AM 01-24-2012
Hate to keep saying this, but this really is the wrong forum, except for discussions on how the room might affect the speakers. You will get better answers over in the speaker forum.
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