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darenm's Avatar darenm 12:50 PM 03-03-2012
So the wife and I just got a home built 6 months ago. I wish i had known then what i know now. But it's all good. After months in the attic with a power drill and fishing speaker wire, cat 6 i am some what happy. I still need to run more speakers to the master bedroom and what not, but i need a break. This is what we have so far.

Living room 37" LCD going to upgrade to 60" soon. 5.1 surround sound via Monoprice inwall & inceiling speakers. (still need to do the Center channel)

3 Bedrooms with little 19" LCDs. Going to upgrade those also. Each bedroom has a WDTV Live mounted behind the TV and accesses the 10 TBs of harddrives in the sever/towel closet via DLNA.

In the Server/Towel closet i have 10 TBs of external hard drives loaded with movies and TV shows, music and photos. The laptop is an older dell but serves up all the media via twonky media server w/o a hitch. Below the laptop is my old Pioneer VSX-409d AV receiver, WDTV Live for the living room, Belkin router and modem.

Please excuse the mess of wires. I'm waiting on more low voltage stuff and wallplates from monoprice.

Would like opinions on what to do with the external hard drives. Would like to convert to just one system. (like one box that holds multiple hard drives)

Would also like to see how big of a TV i should get for the living room. Seating is about 10 to 12 feet back. Thanks.

Here's the pictures.

darenm's Avatar darenm 12:51 PM 03-03-2012
More pictures
Dan Hitchman's Avatar Dan Hitchman 05:02 PM 03-03-2012
Sitting 10-12 feet back, you want a drop down screen and a projector, not another flat panel. You'd have to measure how much distance you have to work with between the left and right in-wall's.

Upgrade your window blinds with light blocking backing material for light control.

If the living room will be your main theater location and if you want to get a little fancy and be able to have a larger screen...

Frame out a false wall for an acoustically transparent fixed screen and get another matching in-wall model for the center mounted on the same plane as the left and right speakers and they'll fire through the screen.

This modification has been done before to great success.

Use this calculator to choose the appropriate screen size vs. your viewing distance.
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