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gflande1's Avatar gflande1 06:18 PM 03-21-2012
Finished our basement this summer. Have a LG 55LW6500 hanging on one wall with equipment in a small cabinet below. I would like to put the equipment (Onkyo receiver, Panasonic 3D Blu-ray, Mac Mini, Wii, Dish VIP 722) on a shelf in the closet behind the TV. The closet is approx 3-4 feet wide and 12 feet deep. I would like to put a wire shelf approx 12 inches below the ceiling for the equipment. My concern is this closet is unfinished (bare concrete) on the two of the walls (L shape). There was moisture issues at the corner which we resolved with correcting the downspout and adding dirt. The wall is below grade and keeps the closet fairly cool. Probably a good 10 degrees below the finished space. With the heat from the equipment, should I be concerned about condensation/moisture at the equipment? Is there any ideas to remedy this (no drainage for dehumidifier)? I will try to take some pictures this weekend to show what I am talking about.