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lou99's Avatar lou99 02:49 PM 04-05-2012

My living room walls have no decoration. The apartment has basic furniture, a sofa, HT equipment, and a 7x10 carpet.

Audyssey reduces the bass of my Tower Speakers below 80hz, which implies that I have bass node issues. Theres some boom going on and echoey high's..

I have 12 Corning 703 boards and cloth that can be used as basic acoustic panels.

What can I do to help this problem and the overall sound in my room? Would I be able to stack several 703's for bass control? Thanks!

airscapes's Avatar airscapes 02:58 PM 04-05-2012
No expert at all but seem to me that just turning the room around so your display is on the narrow wall would give you room between your head and your rear speakers.. that in it self I would think should make a major difference.. but what do I know.. I'm still using 2.1 for sound..
lou99's Avatar lou99 02:58 PM 04-05-2012
I cant do it since my sofa is too wide and I cant get around it easily.
lou99's Avatar lou99 07:26 PM 04-05-2012
Hopefully I posted in the right section!
lou99's Avatar lou99 08:12 PM 04-07-2012
stockmonkey2000's Avatar stockmonkey2000 12:22 AM 04-09-2012
How thick is the oc703? Sounds like you need some thick traps in the corners if you want to solve the bass issues. Google super chunk bass traps and that might give you some ideas.
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