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06-19-2012 | Posts: 132
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Need some opinions here. If I wanted to buy a condo, in the range of 2500SQF, I want one room that I can turn into a true home theatre, much like the basement of homes turned theatre.. My question is in relation to sound. IF i bought a place that allows me to rip down walls and ceilings for a reno, is it possible to build in a condo a room that would almost be sound proof. This condo I am currently in and renting, is awesome when it comes to noise. Very little can be heard anywhere above or below, side to side.

People start posting its expensive etc, well, so is doing a basement reno. One thing I understand, I will not be able to do it on my own, I am sure condo boards everywhere have rules dictating this sort of reno must be done by professionals. My question is, if professionals had access to the walls and ceiling, could they do a build similar to basement home theatres? Using channels in the ceiling to isolate sound, etc The only issue would be the floor. I am sure there is something that could be done for even that.

Thoughts, suggestions, etc? I know 100% sound proofing is not going to happen. I am looking to have a build that would allow me to crank it up like in a basement theatre without any real worries.
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