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Tampa Tom's Avatar Tampa Tom 09:41 AM 08-20-2012
I figured I would come on here and post some details of the room I'm building right now. Above my car garage in the back of my house, there is a loft area of about 600 sq. ft., we are just about to put the dry wall up since we've already installed most of the insulation. I'm looking for any ideas or suggestions before we enclose everything in dry wall.

The room itself is on the second floor and has it's own separate entrance from outside making it ideal for having parties so I don't have to worry about having everyone inside my house which will prevent the rest of the house from getting messy. The room also connects to the second floor of the house via a bathroom which I'm remodeling as well so there shouldn't be any reason for someone to leave this room other than touring the house. I thought about putting this area in the basement but the basement is without a walk out or separate entrance so everyone will have to come through the house and I'm afraid that they won't ever go down to the basement as they will be distracted by the rest of the house and the basement would never see any use.

Currently, I have already ran HDMI, VGI, 3.5mm, LFE, Ethernet and 12 AWG CL2 wires for the audio video.

7 speaker in wall system from monoprice

Rocket Onix UFW-10 subwoofer

BenQ W1000 1080p projector

I'm using an extra receiver I have sitting around Onkyo Tx-SR606 to power the speakers. Along with a monoprice power center for voltage protection and regulation. I am building a wall enclosure for all of the items with some ventilation to dissipate heat.

2 Outdoor speakers for the driveway area where everyone hangs out and smokes.

Now as far as the components go, I have a Golden Tee Live 2012 that I have split the video from the DVI port, one VGA that will run to the monitor and then the other converting over to HDMI which will run to the Onkyo to be displayed on the projector. I have also split the VGA which goes to the highlight screen on the top of the GTL machine and it will run directly to the projector so it will do PIP with the actual game and highlight screen on the projector.

I also have hooked up to the receiver: a PS3, XBOX 360 Kinect, and AT&T Uverse. A little icing on the cake with a lot of cable/wire engineering, I am mounting an iPad to the wall which will run in to a small keystone USB wall plate behind the iPad. This usb will then come out at the receiver enclosure which then use a male usb to female 30pin adapter, connected to the female 30pin adapter is a component video, stereo audio with a port to run a 5 pin micro usb to charge the iPad at the same time. So basically I can run any iPad app or game on the iPad which will be shown on the projector and the iPad will never lose charge.

The room will also have a lounge area, a brunswick pool table, a refrigerator, a granite bar countertop that will be placed along the railing in front of the projected image, the bar will also feature built in LED lighting. Of course, I have full ethernet networking built in as well for all of the internet capable components as well as a line running out to the GTL machine for it's online capability. I have measured everything and used a virtual room designer along the way to make sure everything will fit correctly.

Of course to diminish the amount of ambient lighting that would interfere with the projector image, I have window shades. I also have put a lot of money in to directional lighting; wall sconces, floor lighting, etc. Anything to illuminate the areas but not have light hitting the wall where the projector image is.

Here are some pics of the room and the items going in to it.

55314.JPGImage Hosting

Bar area in the middle, Golden Tee and Refrigerator will be in the open area to the left, bathroom door on the right
4105.JPGImage Hosting

Other angles of the room:
73637.JPGImage Hosting

The lounge area will be put in the back of the room, pool table in the middle:
1866.JPGImage Hosting

Lounge area furniture:
37013.JPGImage Hosting

Golden Tee Live 2012:
18331.JPGImage Hosting

Projector Image that I tested out:
93522.JPGImage Hosting

Thanks in advance for checking out the project and I'll post more pictures as it comes along.

Tampa Tom's Avatar Tampa Tom 08:43 AM 10-08-2012
Update: The room is nearing completion. The furniture, pool table, refrigerator and golden tee machine are getting moved up there this week. I'm still waiting on some custom countertop support brackets to be made so the bar won't be in for another 3 weeks.

51326.JPGImage Hosting

2608Room10-8-12.JPGImage Hosting
Tampa Tom's Avatar Tampa Tom 08:45 AM 10-08-2012
This room is mostly for parties and events that we host pretty regularly at our house. The living room is where I spend most of my time:

8874Bonhomme-20110807-00081.jpgImage Hosting
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