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09-13-2012 | Posts: 18
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Hello All,

I am so new to this DIY stuff but it's been very exciting! I've identified my goals, finished my plans and am now ready to execute the build. But before I do I'd really like to get your opinions on what I have so far. Me being so new to DIY I'm concerned that my goals are too aggressive or lofty.

Here is the inspiration and what we are looking to recreate:

This is my room as it exists now (with my newly bough Epson 8700ub YAY!)



And this is how we plan on stacking and constructing the pallets.

Note: The pallets used in the original picture are not as common here in the states. As such I will be using the more common 40x48x5 pallets.

My immediate questions are:
  1. What should I use to bind the pallets together? Wood glue? Nails? Screws?
  2. Should I take off the window banisters to make the back wall flush? Will that cause permanent damage to the wall?
  3. Is this layout weird? Would it make more sense to turn the dimensions sideways making it 80 width and 48 length relating a couch?

Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad
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09-13-2012 | Posts: 995
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The pallets are really interesting except that anyone needing back support would be limited to the top row where they could ditch the cylindrical pillow and prop up against the wall.
airscapes's Avatar airscapes
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09-14-2012 | Posts: 4,872
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+1 if you were watching fireworks those would be ok, but unless it is for young people (under 25) only, those wouldn't really work to well for me or any on anyone I know. The uncomfortable position aside, where do you put your drink???
TxRado's Avatar TxRado
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09-15-2012 | Posts: 18
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Hi, I appreciate the response. I like your criticism about the back support of the top tier. I don't imagine it will be difficult to attach a 2" board to the back.

And yes we are young at 26 and 25. This room will be used 90% of the time by my gf and I.

And hhmm the drink location is an issue. However I'm willing to accept that sacrifice instead of spending an extra $300 per chair for a cup holder. This looks to be an easy solution.


Again, thank you for the input. Keep it coming!
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad
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09-15-2012 | Posts: 5,120
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The pallet concept looks pretty affordable, and you can upgrade to a more comfortable solution when you get old. Try to avoid making the pallets too permanent, i.e. don't attach them to the floor or install flooring around them.

With some painted, cheap MDF on the sides, you could make the pallets disappear, though they'd become less of a conversation piece with that mod.

If you carpet, I'd suggest a tight weave that won't show the impressions as much, when you remove the pallets.
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