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cityinruin's Avatar cityinruin 10:32 AM 09-15-2012
I'm about to move into a new place, the room is huge and has a loft overlooking it. It's got two brick walls (exterior walls) and stairways on the side, as well as a fireplace. Problem is, there isnt really a place for me to center my brand new un60es8000. The best I can think of is to mount apice of fiberboard over the lower half of the window (mounted onto the window frame i suppose) and then mount my TV onto that. The window isnt perfectly centered for my viewing area, which bugs the heck out of me with that idea but it's the best i can come up with so far.

Here's a picture of the living room from standing at the loft and looking down.

Here's an image from standing in the kitchen and looking into the living room:

and here it is from standing at about the bottom of the stairs looking toward the coat closet and kitchen enterence.

How im going to deal with speaker placement in order to keep it sounding nice but not needing to blast the volume (thus upsetting my neighbors) is going to be a whole other problem... but for now I would really appreciate some TV placement advice. I'm willing to think out side the box.

(oh and my sofa is one of those "multiplex" sofas that are sectional and so that is somewhat flexable)
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cityinruin's Avatar cityinruin 03:18 PM 09-16-2012
I've been thinking about getting some really long drapes (looking somthing like this )and doing this trick -

To make the window look centered and darken the room to thearter-like in one swoop.

then getting something like this stand and putting it where the middle of my window appears to be.

I could get some felt or somthing and put it on the bottom so i could just slide the whole thing to the far right if i ever wanted to unblock the window. I wouldnt buy that stand... it's over 2000$ i think, but Im sure there's something similar out there for a more affordable price.

Any thoughts or suggestions ?
lespurgeon's Avatar lespurgeon 04:13 PM 09-16-2012
Drapes are going to be your friend in that room. What is the room size? At a glance, beside the fireplace is my first idea, but not sure if the room shape allows it. Your idea of a moving stand might just work - I've not looked into it. What is your sound setup?
cityinruin's Avatar cityinruin 01:58 PM 09-17-2012
I don't remember the exact size of the room but I'll have it measured soon. I do know that distance from the far right brick wall (one with the fireplace) to the stairway up to the loft is 15 feet. The cielings are very high (obviously) but I don't have even an estimate on that.

Hard to tell from those images but that fireplace is dead centered on that wall. putting the tv either left or right of it would pretty much make it very ackward to watch from any position I suspect.

I have a pair of oldTechnics SBT200 tower speakers, a 5 set of Energy Micro RC satellite speakers (woman wouldnt let me buy anything that wasn't "cute". she demanded and i compromised with those) and a subwoofer that isnt worth much of anything (looking to replace).

My receiver is an Onkyo 616 receiver a samsung bd-d5700 blu-ray player and i have a verizon fios HD box.

I was thinking that since the cieling is very high that I would take a pair of the energy speakers and put them in the "front high" location with the Technics as the normal front but I have doubts on that working well due to voice matching. I used to just have those tower speakers in a different room on the B channel, just for music.
JBWIII's Avatar JBWIII 04:50 PM 09-26-2012
Not sure how much this costs, but it might be cheaper than $2000:
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