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Turango's Avatar Turango 12:17 PM 12-16-2012
Hey Guys! Greetings from India!

I moved into a new house a few weeks back and the basement area (17x16 in size) is unused, so I thought it could be turned into a dedicated Home Theater room. I have been doing a fair bit of research on AV equipment and I found many speakers and receivers/amplifiers priced at least 30 to 40 percent higher in India than in the US/UK. However some companies price it almost at par, companies like Focal, Kef, Definitive Technology, Polk, Wharfedale, Boston Acoustics, Jamo( To some extent). I have Shortlisted the following for my HT,


1) Jamo D600 THX Ultra 2 5.1 -- RS. 300000 ( $5600)
2) Kef R900 (Rs. 295000 - $5500) , Kef R600C ( Rs90000 - $1700) -- Ill add temporary surrounds and sub and upgrade later
3) Focal Chorus 836V 5.1 ( rs 380000 -- $7100)
4) Polk LSIM 707 5.1 ( rs 370000 -- $6950)

1) Pioneer Sc-68 ( Lx-86 in India) -- rs 135000 -- $2500
2) Marantz Sr7007(95000 == $1800)
3) Denon 3313 ( 90000 == 1600)

1) Epson 5020( rs.150000 -- $2800)
2) Panasonic PT-AE8000 ( Rs 250000 -- $4900)

I can always buy A pair of floor standers and a center and add the surrounds and sub after i save up more. Also, the walls are all concrete, so i need some advice on acoustic treatment. I spoke to several custom home theater designers , they are pretty darn expensive here!

Thank You

Turango's Avatar Turango 11:52 PM 12-17-2012
Anyone? Need help quick
Turango's Avatar Turango 11:52 PM 12-17-2012
Anyone? Need help quick
Scout's staff's Avatar Scout's staff 08:44 AM 12-18-2012
Not sure what your question is. Did you listen to any of the speakers with any of the receivers? You may receive a better response in the Speaker forum if you are looking for opinions on what other people like. However, most people rave about the speakers they already own and have little to compare to.

Regarding acoustic treatments - check out GIK Acoustics and Auralex for some options if you are interested in what is typically available on the market. They also have some basic info on what to do. AVS also has some good threads on treating a room and DIY, but they can become challenging when trying to sort through some of the opinions.
Turango's Avatar Turango 11:07 AM 12-18-2012
I just wanted opinions on the equipment i listed. I can't demo most of them unfortunately.
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 12:02 PM 12-18-2012
I wouldn't spend that much on equipment, without spending a lot on acoustical treatments. Waste of money.

Cut that $12K in half - half on acoustics, half on hardware.

Or, up your budget.

I'd probably just buy temporary TV, AVR, and budget L-C-R speakers, for immediate use, and start planning for the future proper build to include framed walls, a rack, hidden cables, and proper acoustic treatments.

$50K speakers would sound like crap with those concrete walls. A few wall-hanging acoustic panels won't do it.

Framed walls and double drywall, IMO, would go a long way, if you don't want to do the full treatment.
Turango's Avatar Turango 12:11 PM 12-18-2012
But wouldn't that shrink the overall room size by quite a bit? I will be getting basic acoustic treatment done though.
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 08:21 PM 12-18-2012
What is 'basic'?
Turango's Avatar Turango 05:39 AM 12-19-2012
2-3 inch framed walls containing fiberglass?
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