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MBRICHARD 12-19-2012 09:52 AM

OK- hope this is in the right place- if not , mods feel free to move it accordingly.

I am closing in on my new HT build. Basically, I bought a house a few years ago with a partially converted 2 car garage- ceiling was tricked out (vaulted with some decorative work, from 8-12 ft.), walls and trim/molding to match the house. Only thing left was the floor, which was just concrete with black "garage floor" paint on top.

Long story short, it's finally coming to fruition after being delayed by other projects- We ended going with a faux finish/stained concrete look for a couple reasons. #1, we will most likely be moving in 12-18 months and wanted to keep it simple, and #2, the are we live in is prone to hurricanes and flooding, and it will be the first room to get water as it's lower than the house.

SO- room is 13'W X18'D where the theater will be situated . (the total sq. footage is about 525, but there is a partition/partial wall on one side of the room blocking off about 1/3, so 13x18 is what's left to play with, theater wise.

We plan on doing an 8'X10' rug for our chairs to sit on (3 theater power recliners we picked up at a steal), and I will be doing blackout curtains for the double entry doors (to the rear, behind the chairs- this is what they had where the garage door would have been). Also, there are 2 windows in the "partitioned off" area, so I will curtain those as well. (they do have wood blinds, but I would like to eliminate as much light leakage as I can...

I have access to Auralex at a good price (I worked retail for 15 years at a pro audio store that sells it, and can still get my "perks" biggrin.gif). I was wondering what you guys thought was the best thing to look at, Auralex or otherwise. Looking for something that would be easy to un-install/take down when we do eventually move.

I should have my gear installed and be testing to see HOW bad my "echo chamber" is by next week. Just looking for some insight from anyone that may have dealt with a similar situation.

Thanks! I will probably start a build thread as I have been taking progress pics along the way. Cheers!

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